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For the first time here, I'm writing something which is not concerning my beloved Liverpool. Still, it's about football. It's about my own country! Singapore!

They played Malaysia last night and I was at the stadium live. Awesome match, great atmosphere, funny incidents, memorable moments and many more.

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Was reading at uneditmara's blog and saw her entry on the CARRA WEEK. It's pretty interesting. Enjoy..


“You don’t half write some crap you,” Jamie Carragher said the first time he saw me at Melwood.

“Any chance of getting the man of the match right one day?”

Actually, he didn’t use the word crap. It was much scouser.

It was also said in that typical Carragher way. Sharp enough to sound funny, but blunt enough to make a point. You’ll have heard this tone many times since.

It’s the one that confronted Geoff Shreeves of Sky, who was asked ‘who’s bigger than Liverpool?’ after quizzing Carragher if Steven Gerrard could leave for a ’superior’ club.

And the one that cut off the poor Paxman imitator in his prime who urged Carragher to describe the ethos of Liverpool.

“What are yer goin on about mate?” was the appropriate response.

Reporters, especially the most pompous, regularly come a cropper and provoke the same humorously contemptible comeback whenever they try to trip him up.

Fortunately, those of us with more experience have learned the hard way never to ask him questions which are dumb, patronising or both. And pity the individuals who dare attempt to catch Carragher with the use of statistics. He’ll pounce as swiftly as he does when making last ditch tackles, with his encyclopaedic knowledge of Liverpool’s history ensuring even the match day programme writers need to be on their guard when compiling career details.

Carragher’s style of play echoes how he comes across to the media off the park.

Honest, dedicated, obsessive about football and always ready to go in where it hurts when he senses his club, team mates, city or family is getting a kicking.

How often do you hear him talking up players he feels are being unfairly treated? Probably because he’s been there himself. After all, it took him the best part of five years to stop those letters to the ECHO saying Liverpool would never win the big prizes with players like him in defence.

The Kop sings about a team of Carraghers now, but it wasn’t so long ago the one they’ve got wasn’t appreciated.

If Liverpool take a beating, you won’t see him quickening his step or accepting imaginary mobile phone calls to swerve reporters. If Liverpool win, he’s most likely to slip away unseen while others take the credit. Such modesty isn’t a calculated act.

Supporters regular call the ECHO with tales of Carragher’s charitable donations, a contribution recently recognised when he was given the freedom of Sefton.

In 2002 he agreed to write a World Cup column on the condition the payments were sent to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, but didn’t want that publicised (a few years later I decided it was information which deserved to be shared).

Proceeds from his forthcoming testimonial will go to charity.

Most players go mad if they’re getting battered in a newspaper. Carragher gets more annoyed if he’s made to sound like he’s a world beater.

To this day, touch wood, the only time he’s been angry with the ECHO was in 1999 when he was needed to play in the ‘unfamiliar’ role of centre-half because of an injury to Sami Hyppia.

“I’ll fill Sami’s boots,” read the headline. Carragher thought it made him sound big-headed, as if he was putting himself in the same class as Hyypia. Eight years on, it may seem astounding to supporters a world class centre-half like Carragher would take exception to anyone putting him in a bracket he so clearly is. The notion he’d have to fill anyone’s shoes is ridiculous. But it was all about the context. Creating an image of him bigging up himself, and more seriously demeaning one of his team mates, was unacceptable to him, and he made it known.

Fortunately, grudges don’t last and he’s got most reporters sussed. That’s not surprising as he and Steven Gerrard are the most requested for interview.

It’s a running gag in the reporting industry how when anyone starts on a newspaper, their first call will be to the Melwood Press Office to set up a meeting with Carragher, who has an inability to fail to be interesting and forthright in his opinions. Need a double page spread for your Saturday or Sunday supplement? Get hold of Carra and fill it with those condescending images about Bootle and scally kids made good (check the archives, it’s compulsory all ’serious journalists’ have to refer to this when writing about Carragher. If it’s Gerrard, just replace Bootle with Huyton).

And do you think the race for the title is hotting up? It’s nothing compared to the fight to write Carragher’s autobiography when he decides to do it.

All the Jimmy Hill Sunday Supplement crew are desperate for the nod, and have been known to end interviews with an appeal to write it for him. He’ll keep them all guessing, but his delay putting pen to paper is further evidence of his disinterest in the footballing cult of celebrity. He’s got a Premiership medal to win before he divides his career into chapters.

Let’s not forget, this is the fella who when asked if he’d sell his wedding photographs to Hello replied: “I’d rather sell them to The Kop Magazine for £1.”

Legendary status - and let’s not hear anyone say that’s going too far - wasn’t achieved overnight.

Across 10 years, Carragher has developed as the ultimate player of the people. The Kop loves him because they know he’s one of them. He thinks like them, gives his all as if it was is only appearance for the club, and shows the twin ecstasies of joy and grief as and when appropriate.

If he wasn’t playing, he’d be watching and travelling with the family entourage which never misses a game. How do we know? Because he did it in 2003 when he was recovering from a broken leg, joining his dad and cousin on the Happy Al’s coach to Middlesbrough and shouting at the incompetence of El-Hadji Diouf with everyone else in the away end.
Steven Gerrard has been the heart of the Liverpool at the start of this Millennium. Jamie Carragher is its soul.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. He’s also one of the greatest defenders Liverpool has ever had, and has many more years in red still to serve.
But you knew that bit already.

I leave you with brilliant Carra moments:

“When i used top play Sunday league footy, Cara’s younger brother used to play for Bootle i think. Anyways once when we played them me Dad shouted to me “If ya score a hatrick il give ya a fiver”, then straight after someone shouted “if ya score a hatrick then il give ya a grand” turned round and Cara was standing there on the line shouting to his bro. Was funny as fuck!!”


“Dressing up as the hunchback of Notre Dame [for the Liverpool Christmas party, 1998] and cavorting with strippers on stage with his pants down.” [Whipped cream was involved.]


“duff had just made an incredible and was then fouled, he gets up but as soon as he does jaimie sprinting from the other side of the pitch shoulder barges him to the floor. he gets a yellow but it was well worth it.”


” JC: Hello my name is Jamie Carragher, mobile no *************, there’s a problem with my phone”

YL: “OK Mr Carragher what is the problem?”

JC: “Well it’s just not working, nothing, I can’t phone anyone”

YL: “Let me just check your details……. OK I see the problem, Mr Carragher, your bills haven’t been paid for a few months and the company has disconnected the line”

JC: “Oh, right, fucking agent, he’s supposed to look after that, I’ll get that sorted”


I heard he was having a drink with Teddy Sheringham and a few others. JC was going on about how much he admired Klinsman so teddy rang him and passed the phone across to Carra.

JC “Jurgen is that you?
JK “yes”
JC “get your haircut!” and hangs up.


before chelsea game when he was asked about the move to other club and he said like:”Liverpool is the graetest team” and then “Does Gerrard know it?” Carra: “yeah, i’ve told him”… lol


The best moment for me is when carra and gerrard were getting interviewed before the european cup final and when gerro was asked about his future carra said the stevie,
” just go. “


I remember a story from when we were doing pre-season somewhere like Thailand just after that England friendly when Carra had worn the captain’s armband for last 5 minutes. Owen and Carragher were warming up for training and jogging around the pitch when a huge group of fans started running alongside Owen. Carra in response shouted “Never mind short-ar$e, I’m Jamie Carragher - captain of England!”


In Auxerre after the Uefa cup game couple of years ago. Bunked in to ground after to watch warm down. Gabbing to players getting autographs and some cockney lad shouted “Where’s Michael Owen?” just as Carra was signing my ticket. Didn’t miss a beat, looked at me and then at lad and said, “What do you want him for he’s f***ing boring!”


A couple of years back when Fulham visited Anfield it was about to be announced Steve Finnan would soon be joining the reds.

During a break in play Carra (then playing RB) was by the touchline waiting for the game to restart when he turns to the linesman and asks “So who the fuck is this Steve Finnan then?”

What his teammates got to say..

"He's the joker of the squad alright. Carra is always the life and soul of the party. If we win a game and go out to celebrate, he's the first one of the microphone. He's straight on stage and trying to get everyone else to get up and have a go. We reckon he fancies himself as a bit of a singer on the quiet. He's not bad either, although I'm not sure if I should say that! Every club needs someone like Carra. You can't buy team spirit and with him around the atmosphere in the dressing room is always brilliant." - Chris Kirkland.

"My room-mate on away trips is one of the genuine Scousers. He’s full of funny digs and gives the foreigners some light-hearted stick. As a local lad he has hundreds of mates who are Liverpool fans and is always looking for tickets for them. Suddenly he becomes really friendly with the foreign stars because their need for tickets is not as great as his." -Owen in 2001 on Carra.

We just need a team of CARRAGHERS.

you'll never walk alone..



Liverpool can today confirm that the club have agreed terms with Blackburn Rovers over the sale of Stephen Warnock.

A graduate of the Liverpool Academy, Warnock was handed his chance in the first-team not long after Rafael Benitez arrived at the club and made his debut in the Champions League qualifier in Graz in August 2004.

The break into the first team followed an entire season on loan at First Division Coventry City, where he picked up the supporters' Player of the Year award.

louis' comments..

He's one of Liverpool academy products, a player who has too many injuries early in his career. Unfortuntely, he's unable to stay in Liverpool if he wants to play first team football. Competition is high and it's hard for him to stay on the bench all the time.

Still, I still believe that he has done pretty well for liverpool and whenever, he's call upon, he works hard for the team. In football, sometimes you just can't help it, but have to make a decision to leave your supported club since young.

I wish you all the best, Stephen Warnock.

Check this out..This is what you do when you on bench.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Finally, Rafa Benitez has won a league game against Chelsea. For the last past meetings, Jose Mourinho is leading 5-0. It's good for Rafa to get one back.

I'm really looking forward to this game and I even came home alone specially to watch this game. To be very honest, I was going crazy when Liverpool won the game. The victory was just so sweet, especially against the defending champions.

Cech came back to the line-up for Chelsea and for Liverpool's lineup, I thought that was the best line-up Rafa can think of at the moment, given the injuries. Chelsea's defence suprised me but Jose had no other options as well.

The game started on a high tempo and I could see that the Liverpool players were all geared up for this match. Played simple football and passed the ball around. We the 4th minute! Dirk Kuyt! A long ball pumped forward from Carragher, a slight flick on from Crouch, Kuyt with a great touch, bang! 1-0.

I jumped in joy even though I was watching alone in the living room. It just feel great to see Chelsea conceding, especially when Liverpool scores against them.

13 minutes later, we added another with a beautiful volley by Jermaine Pennant. Fired into the net outside the box, beating Cech completely. The first goal for Liverpool! Nice shot Pennant! The Anfield crowd exploded, including me. We have a 2 goal lead against the champions in just 18 minutes.

The second half, Chelsea had more possession. However, We stayed real strong as a team and I'm sure that Pepe Reina didn't make any saves. Steve Finnan was solid, Carragher was excellent, didn't gave Drogba any space at all. Fabio Aurelio, I have to mention him. I'm not a great fan of him, but today, he indeed played well on the left hand side and stood well on his foot against some of the best players.

The mifield was stable and organised. As usual, Gerrard and Alonso was controlling the mifield, worked really hard for the team, helping the defences many times. Alonso had some stiches on his lips while Gerrard was tackling hard with his opponents. Being the Captain, I thought that our skipper fought hard on the pitch. Non-stop runnning during attacks and breaking down attacks. A good display!

John Arne Riise, as usual, has been scoring spectacular goals against Chelsea for the past meetings, had a shot against the crossbar. A typical Riise run down the left and his body language just showed that he was going to lift his leg. The ball flew, beaten Cech but not the goal. "AWW!" I shouted with my hands on my head.

The crowd was making so much noise from the beginning till the end. Sang non-stop, just unbelievable. ANFIELD was just awesome. Even though I was not there live, I could really feel the atmosphere there. It's something which you can't feel in any other stadiums. Extraordinary!!

A excellent win! 5 points gap. We have to work from here, put on a good run and make sure that we capitalise on the top 2 teams' slip ups. Come On REDS!

I was singing You'll Never Walk Alone back at home with the fans at Anfield and I'm really proud to be a Liverpool fan.

you'll never walk alone..


Saturday, January 20, 2007


The two bitter rivals do battle on Saturday lunchtime with Chelsea aiming to close the gap on leaders Manchester United and Liverpool looking to record a rare win over one of the top sides.

Jose Mourinho enjoys a 100 per cent record against Liverpool in the Premiership having won all five of his previous contests, while Rafa Benitez will be looking to get one over the Portuguese tactician.

The Reds are unbeaten at home this season and they are currently the form team in the Premiership having lost just one of their last 11 league outings.

Petr Cech is set to hand Chelsea a massive boost by returning to the side for the first time since suffering his horrific head injury last October.

The Czech Republic international has been declared fit to face Liverpool and Mourinho must decide whether or not to throw the giant keeper straight back into the deep end at Anfield.

Chelsea go into the game without influential midfielder Claude Makelele as he is suspended, but Ashley Cole is available after serving a ban.

Andrei Shevchenko remains doubtful with a hamstring problem which forced him to miss last weekend's win over Wigan.

John Terry and Joe Cole remain absent for the reigning champions because of injury.

Benitez has a decision to make in attack after he started Peter Crouch, Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt against Watford last weekend.

The Spaniard is expected to revert to two up front with all three players battling for the two spots.

Jermaine Pennant is pushing for a return to the starting line-up, while John Arne Riise is expected to replace Fabio Aurelio in the starting XI.

The Reds are still without long-term casualties Luis Garcia, Mohamed Sissoko, Harry Kewell, Bolo Zenden and Mark Gonzalez.

louis' comments..

Pre-match comments is always not important in any match. I believe, for this match, it's no exception. All I can say, the result we should get is a win. 3 points. A draw and lost will be a bad result for us.

Come on REDS! Bring on Chelsea..

you'll never walk alone..



Rafa's first 99 Prem games
Won: 55
Drew: 18
Lost: 26

With 55 wins already under his belt, Benitez boasts a better record than that achieved by Bob Paisley (54), Gerard Houllier (49), Roy Evans (48) and Graeme Souness (40) over the same period, while victory over the Champions at Anfield tomorrow will see the Spaniard equal the tally of legendary Scot Bill Shankly (56).

By contrast Arsene Wenger won 54 at Arsenal and Alex Ferguson 45 at Manchester United.

Benitez says: "I'd prefer to do well over the next 100 game rather than look back, but it's clear when you look at our record and compare, it's not bad.

"When I think about the 100 games we've played, I think to myself it’s a pity because it could be even better.

"An important feature is that as well as playing these league games, we’ve also played 59 more cup matches. That's 20 more than any other Liverpool manager played during the same period.

"I feel this reflects how well we've done, because of course we've won the Champions League, FA Cup, Charity Shield and Super Cup during this time.

"It's also important to recognise when we joined Liverpool we were beginning a new project and had to make a lot of changes to the team.

"It's clear we've made a lot of progress in three years, and now what’s even more important is to continue this and do the right things.

"The new people joining the club and Rick Parry know this and share the same ideas about continuing to move in the right direction. Maybe the important thing about these particular statistics is it shows what we were saying last week about how if you look at the bigger picture, we have done well."

louis' comments..

I didn't know that Rafa's record was bettter than Bob Paisley, who is a manager who won 3 Europeans Cups. Still, it's a great achievement. On the whole, he's doing well and even though the media has been unkind to him, he remained focused and did what he should do.

I do like him as a person and a manager. I like his tactics and I can say that he's a great tactician. He changes tactics every match and we can't really predict his line-up at times. What i like most, is his flexibility in tactics. They can change in many ways during the match. I'm quite impressed by that.

Come on RAFA! We will always be behind you! Walk on..

you'll never walk alone..


Saturday, January 13, 2007


Match Highlights

Team of the day..
Reina, Aurelio, Hyypia, Agger, Carragher, Finnan, Gerrard MBE (captain), Kuyt, Alonso, Crouch, Bellamy.
Subs - Dudek, Guthrie, Pennant, Fowler, Riise reports..

A fourth away win of the season was never in doubt after Bellamy had given the Reds a 34th minute lead; and they went on to score two more goals through Peter Crouch to leave Watford rock bottom while they edge closer to the Premiership summit.
The Reds returned to Premiership action looking to put a double cup exit behind them and it was no surprise to see Rafa Benitez name a strong side that included plenty of firepower in Dirk Kuyt, Peter Crouch and Craig Bellamy.

Liverpool started well when Steven Gerrard blasted a half volley just inches wide in the 6th minute; and they continued to enjoy the better of things despite the ball spending large amounts of time in the air.

The Reds had to work hard to combat Watford's aerial style of play and to their credit they continued to try and play their football. And Rafa's decision to start with three strikers was vindicated when Craig Bellamy gave them a 34th minute lead from close range.

Daniel Agger had thought he'd given them a 12th minute lead before being flagged offside after scoring, but there was no flag to save Watford when Bellamy enjoyed acres of space inside the six yard box to slot Finnan's cross into an empty net.

It had been a somewhat scrappy first half, but Liverpool were well worthy of their lead. And they doubled their advantage in the 40th minute when Peter Crouch headed home after Ben Foster had saved Craig Bellamy's initial effort.

We had scenes that revived memories of Liverpool's last away win at Spurs at the start of the second half when the rain lashed across Vicarage Road. But it didn't interrupt Liverpool's dominance because Peter Crouch scored his second of the match to make it 3-0 in the 48th minute.

It was a smart finish from 12 yards from Crouch after Gerrard and Bellamy had combined to give him the chance. And it was the killer blow the Reds were looking for because although Jordan Stewart rattled a shot against Reina's crossbar, Watford rarely threatened or looked capable of a comeback.

Liverpool did have chances to score more, but it was already a job well done and Rafa Benitez had the luxury of giving a few a rest by using all of his substitutes in the second half.

It's Chelsea next for the Reds and they've made sure here that their season is still very much alive despite their exit from the both domestic cups.

Rafa's comments..

"After the two defeats in the cup we needed to show character. We were fully focussed, scored three good goals and controlled the game," said Benitez.

"It was difficult at first for us because the Watford pitch wasn't good and we couldn't move the ball properly like we normally like to do.

"I was happy with Crouch and Bellamy. They caused the Watford defence lots of problems."

louis' comments..

It's a good win, a good way to bounce back from the 2 heavy defeats. I'm surprised by the line-up to see Peter Crouch, Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy playing all together. Nevertheless, it was a good surprise and you could see 3 of them clicking real well.

The 3 goals were all involved someway or another with the 3 of them and I'm pleased see them making chances count. The first 20 minutes, both teams were unable to get control of the game and it was bits and pieces everywhere. Once we broke the deadlock through Bellamy, it was a much easier game to play for Liverpool. We gained confidence and started to control the game, passed the ball around, making Watford looks so vulnerable.

The second goal was a combination of the 3 strikers. Kuyt knocked it forward for Bellamy who raced through the defence, appearing to score Liverpool's second, but Ben Foster made an excellent save. Still, Peter Crouch was there to rebound on the loose ball with his head. 2 goals ahead and it's comfortable for Liverpool.

Crouch added another with a cool finish from Bellamy's cross. It seems to me that they have been training well together. There were some chances we should have converted. Gerrard has some shots off target, which were unlike Gerrard's standard. Most important, we managed to held on and had the 3 points.

The top 4 teams had won this weekend. No teams had slipped. It's important that Liverpool don't slip at all in order to close the gap with the top two. Next week is going to be crucial. Chelsea is coming down to visit us at Anfield, while Arsenal is hosting Man Utd.

Come on ! Bring on Chelsea..

you'll never walk alone.


Friday, January 12, 2007


I was reading today's newspaper and on the last page of Newpaper, it's an article written by Lain Macintosh, a writer from UK. It's about Jerzy Dudek.

Many of us know that Dudek's days at Anfield are numbered and he himself knows about it. This writer is writing about asking Rafa Benitez to let Dudek go with grace, with the fact that his heroics gave Liverpool a 5th European Cup. As I mentioned before, although i'm not a fan of Jerzy Dudek, i agreed with writer's idea of offering him a chance at a dignified exit.

This is not the main point i would like to write about. It's actually about some phrases in the column which caught my attention. It's pretty interesting and true. Let's read..

"The roar around Anfield for that stop (Jerzy Dudek's save of Baptista's penalty) was louder than the cheer for Robbie Fowler's opening goal."

"Liverpool are unlike most English clubs."

"You can't imagine any other team's supporters lustily belting out You'll Never Walk Alone after watching their team ship 6 goals at home."

"Even the Newcastle fans, whose passion i would not dare to doubt, would have started to testy if Arsenal had struck 6 past them."

"What other club would go out and sign a former cult hero like Fowler, even though his best days are clearly gone?"

"Where else would you find fans who would celebrate a signing like it was a Cup win?"

I nodded my head after reading. Liverpool is a club which is full of traditions and history. It's something money can't buy. Chelsea, Arsenal or even Manchester United can't reach that. Rivals' fans are always complaining about Liverpool fans that we just know how to talk about our history but not doing well now. However, I could sense their jealousy of Liverpool as their clubs do not have such traditions and history to talk about.

18 times league champions and 5 times european cup winner. These are not easy achievements and not every single club can achieve. Just ask Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, they would agree with me that it's so difficult to win a European cup, let alone 5. Ferguson won it once, Wenger lost in the final last year and Mourinho won once with Porto, but not with his mighty Chelsea. All these need hard work, luck, as well as our 12th man, the fans to achieve such achievements. I can say I'm proud of Liverpool's achievements over the years.

Being a Liverpool fan is never easy. Everytime we enter a major final for the past 2 years, we always have to come back from almost defeat and I can assure you, it's not good for the heart. Also, as the current Liverpool team is not as dominant as the past, we are always marked down by people around us. Media, pundits etc. I can tell you, the feeling isn't good.

Still, as Lain Macintosh had written above, you can't find fans like us.
Devoted and never-say-die attitude.
This is Liverpool.

you'll never walk alone..



skyports reports..

A 6-3 defeat at Anfield followed on from their FA Cup third round elimination to the same side and those on Merseyside that remain sceptical about the Spaniard have been given plenty of fuel for their argument in the past week.

However, prior to their cup crisis and Liverpool had been making improvements from early season inconsistencies and their manager will demand a maximum haul at Vicarage Road, well aware that Adrian Boothroyd's charges have picked up just three points from the last 27.

Defeat at Anfield came at a further cost as Luis Garcia suffered a serious knee injury that sees him sidelined for the next six months, whilst his possible replacement, Mark Gonzalez, also picked up a knock that will rule him out for three weeks.

Wholesale changes will be made to the young Liverpool side that failed to show its true credentials in midweek, with the likes of Xabi Alonso, Jamie Carragher, Jose Reina, John Arne Riise and Daniel Agger all likely to be recalled.

Peter Crouch will also be vying for a recall, competing with Craig Bellamy, Dirk Kuyt and Robbie Fowler for a place from the start.

Boothroyd has been busy in the January transfer window, with Lee Williamson and the exciting Will Hoskins (both signed from Rotherham) likely to feature at some stage to make Premiership bows - most probably from the bench.

Watford are further boosted by the return of captain Gavin Mahon after his recovery from a knock, while Tamas Priskin is also available after suspension.

The top flight strugglers are, though, unlikely to be able to call on Danny Shittu, a doubt with an ankle injury, as he joins more long-term casualties Hameur Bouazza (shoulder), Clarke Carlisle (thigh), James Chambers (leg) and Marlon King (knee) in a congested treatment room.

With Watford ten points adrift of Premiership safety Boothroyd will be drumming home the fact that points are needed quickly and for Liverpool, it is a case of a fast recovery required on the weekend after the night before.


Back to the league, we can all forget all the painful experiences of the last 2 games. It's over and it's really important that the team move on from here. Whether did they move on, you just judge on their performance tomorrow.

Against Watford. Away from home and it's a slight worry for me. Although away form has improved, still, Liverpool can be fragile especially against a highly competitive team like Watford. Teams like Watford, when they are at home, they will give in their all in front of the home fans. They play every match as though it's their last. Nevertheless, by Liverpool's standards, it shouldn't be a problem for us to break down our opposition.

We should never be complacent and 3 points is a must. The league is long and we have to keep going and be consistent in our results. I think could remember those Roy Evans days, whereby we were so inconsistent and conceeding silly goals. Watford will be a challenging one, but I believe we could overcome it and take the 3 points.

you'll never walk alone..


Thursday, January 11, 2007


Louis' comments..

It's January and we are in more than half of the season already. Liverpool has been disappointing. I don't disagree on this fact. So much expectations before the season has just probably be all gone by now. A title challenger, Big 4, etc. All these words i guess, we could leave it for the future seasons.

3rd in the league, 14 points away from leaders, 8 points away from 2nd place.
Champions League Knockout Stage (Vs Barcelona)
Out of FA Cup. (Third Round).
Out of Carling Cup (Quarter-final).

Is that any competitions that I left out?

We are just left with one cup competition and it's the Champions League. It's the most difficult tournament as all the strong elites are playing in it. We are facing Barcelona next, and I don't deny the fact that I would have preferred a easier opponent. Anything is possible in football, however, Liverpool is facing a tough test ahead. The fans will play an important role and it's really important for us to get a good result at the Nou Camp before coming back to Anfield. All i can do is to pray real hard.

Out of the FA Cup and Carling Cup within 4 days. Against the same opponent, both held at home, Anfield. 3-1 and 6-3 are the scores respectively. We lost both of them terribly. It's really damaging the team's morale for sure. Rafa Benitez has so much work to do. What about the fans?

For the FA Cup tie, the anfield supporters showed great support and cooperation with the JUSTICE FOR THE 96. Sang from the first minute till the end. Still sang You'll Never Walk Alone at the 89th minute.

For the Carling Cup, it was packed. I could see that all the fans wanted the team to get something out the game. Unfortunately, it's 4-1 by half time. It's really hard for them to swallow it, it's really hard. 6-3 was the final score and I could still hear You'll Never Walk Alone in the 90th minute.

Both YNWA sounds like crying, a pain from the heart to see the team losing. I could feel it. Truly can feel the pain and disappointment of every single Liverpool fan could have felt. I do not know how the players felt. They are the ones on the pitch, earn millions each week, doing their job week in week out, I really would like to know how they truly felt. I also wonder whether do they feel the pain we all felt when the team loses? Nevertheless, we have to keep our chins up and play the best we can.

As usual, in the league, we are slow starters. Lost to all the big guns. Lost in the merseyside derby. Lost matches which we dominated. Is this Liverpool? Even though I was born in 1989, I do believe that Liverpool is a team which should one of the tops in Europe, let alone England. I may sounds unrealistic based on the current Liverpool, but still, deep down, I do believe that we should be dominating, not chasing points and hoping others will drop points.

Rafa Benitez is someone who can do that. I do believe he can. He's trying real hard, trying to get his ideas into the players and play well in a style he want it to be. Players like Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher are the ones should be leading by example and not making mistakes on their own. Yes, players are also humans, they do make mistakes. However, mistakes are real costly at times. Just ask Jamie Carragher. He fell down and allowed the free ball into the legs of Thiery Henry. What will he do? They punished you severely. You just can't afford to make mistakes. Even you did, the team must know how to bounce back. My father always tells me that any Liverpool team in the 70s and 80s, whenever they lost a game, they will make sure they bounce back in the next game. I can't see it happening now.

Currently 3rd in the league and there are still many games to play for. Big guns will still have to visit Anfield. Anything is possible. We really have to keep our heads up and start winning games.
I don't expect much, but at least, we have to maintain our position and always be breathing down Chelsea and Manchester United's neck, and of course, at the same time, not allowing Arsenal, Bolton and Portsmouth to overtake us. In football, nothing is impossible.

Come on Reds!
"Walk on, Walk on, With hope in your heart.."

You'll Never Walk Alone..



Liverpool will be without midfielder Luis Garcia for the remainder of the season after he picked up a serious knee injury on Tuesday.

The Spaniard was stretchered off with 15 minutes remaining of Liverpool's Carling Cup quarter-final tie against Arsenal.

Garcia was in obvious pain as he was carried from the Anfield pitch and scans have now revealed the severity of the injury.

The 28-year-old ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and will be out for a considerable amount of time.

"Unfortunately we expect to be without Luis for six months," a club spokesman told Liverpool's official website.

louis' comments..

It's a mighty blow for us. Luis Garcia is a very crucial player for us. We had just lost 2 competitions, the least we didn't want to was to lose our players. Nevertheless, injuries are part and parcel of football. We have to accept it and move on.

Luis is a player whom i personally likes and to see him out of the season was really disappointing. I love to see him scoring goals and put his thumb into his mouth in celebration. It's definitely something we really hope to see him doing as soon as possible.

Luis Garcia, I wish you all the best in recovery. Will be looking forward to your return.

This is one the best goals he scored for Liverpool, don't you think so?

you'll never walk alone..



Sampdoria goalkeeper Daniele Padelli will join Liverpool on a six-month loan deal, his agent has confirmed.

The Italy Under-21 goalkeeper will undergo a medical on Wednesday afternoon with the Reds before starting training under Rafael Benitez.

Agent Silvano Martina said: "Padelli will travel to Liverpool this afternoon."The clubs have agreed on a six-month loan deal and the player is excited at the prospect of playing for Liverpool."

Padelli, one of Italy's most promising goalkeepers, joined Serie B side Crotone on loan from Sampdoria in the summer with the aim of getting some first-team football under his belt.

However, the 21-year-old has merely served as an understudy to Salvatore Soviero, playing in just one league game. Samp have cancelled the loan deal with Crotone which was set to run until June, and have accepted the offer made by the Premiership club.

louis' comments..

It's seems to me that Rafa Benitez is getting frustrated with Jerzy Dudek's performance and hence, decided to sign on a goalkeeper.

I'm not a great fan of Jerzy Dudek even though some of us may think that he's our Instabul hero. I'm getting more and more pissed by his performance. Just based on 2 games he played, he conceeded 9 goals. Yes, it's unfair to judge him on just 2 matches against a very good team. But, he doesn't show any qualities of a good goalkeeper. I just don't understand, and now i know why Poland decided to let him go.

A loan move is good, so as to see whether the player could actually adapt to the lifestyle and the game. From there, we could work towards a permanent move if he's a successful in trial. Being just 21 years old and able to represent Italy's U21 squad, it tells me that this guy is full of potential and I do trust Benitez's signings.

Whether it is a replacement for Jerzy Dudek, i do not know. Nevertheless, I do hope that it's really the case.

you'll never walk alone..



Team of the day..
Dudek, Warnock, Hyypia, Paletta, Peltier, Aurelio, Gerrard MBE (c), Guthrie, Gonzalez, Bellamy, Fowler.
Subs - Alonso, Carragher, Crouch, Garcia, Reina reports..

Liverpool are out of the Carling Cup after four goals from Julio Baptista and goals from Jeremie Aliadiere and Alexandre Song gave Arsenal a 6-3 victory in the Quarter Final at Anfield on Tuesday.

The Reds looked dead and buried after two goals from Baptista and one each from Aliadiere and Song cancelled out a Robbie Fowler strike to give Arsenal a 4-1 half time lead. But they produced a sterling second half fight back that saw Jerzy Dudek save a penalty and Steven Gerrard and Sami Hyypia score to reduce the deficit after Baptista had completed his hat-trick and made it 5-1.

And although Steven Gerrard came close to making it 5-4 when he hit the crossbar and Jamie Carragher forced a fine save from Almunia, Baptista killed off any hope of a famous comeback when he scored his fourth and Arsenal's sixth in the 84th minute.

Liverpool of course were looking to avenge FA Cup defeat to the Gunners here on Saturday, but it was two vastly different teams that took to the field with both Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger making numerous changes from the sides that started that game.

The Reds weren't helped by an early injury to Mark Gonzalez forcing a change after he'd injured himself tackling Walcott. We had a long stoppage as the clearly stricken Chilean received treatment on the pitch and the match was forgotten while thoughts were with switched to his welfare.

Gonzalez was eventually replaced by Luis Garcia and he almost had an immediate impact when his through pass almost gave Fowler a chance. And Fowler was on the sniff again just a minute later when he almost got on the end of Gerrard's header after Bellamy had done well on the right.

Like in the FA Cup, Liverpool were on top, but just like in that game, Arsenal took the lead against the run of play through Jeremie Aliadiere in the 27th minute. It came when Toure played a long ball over the top and Aliadiere latched onto it and beat Dudek at the second attempt.

The Reds weren't behind for long though because they scored an excellent 32nd minute equalizer through Robbie Fowler. We've already seen how good Fabio Aurelio's left foot is; and Fowler scored with a flick of his left boot after Almunia could only parry Aurelio's free kick and Garcia had pulled the ball back.

It was a deserved equalizer and the Reds then briefly threatened to take the lead, but Arsenal would go on to score three further first half goals to put themselves and this tie out of sight by half time.

They were back in front in the 40th minute when Julio Baptista beat Dudek with a free kick from 25 yards. And Baptista scored again to make it 4-1 from close range in first half stoppage time after Alexandre Song had made it 3-1 just moments earlier when the ball had bounced favourably for him in the area..

Liverpool were reeling and the Kop tried to lift them at half time with a passionate burst of You'll Never Walk Alone, but it was to no avail because Baptista claimed his hat-trick and made it 5-1 in the 60th minute.

A fine penalty save by Jerzy Dudek from Baptista and a brilliant goals from Steven Gerrard and Sami Hyypia restored hope for the Reds, but it served to be no more than a consolation. Baptista capped a fine individual display when he grabbed his fourth to make it 6-3 and Liverpool must now look to Saturday's trip to Watford to get their cup hangover out of their system.

Rafa comments..

"It's a bad night for us and all we can say is sorry to the supporters.

"Now isn't the time to point the finger or look to blame people. We win together and we lose together.

"The problem was conceding four goals in the first half. When you are faced with a scoreline like that it is very difficult to manage the game.

"We needed an early goal in the second half but couldn't find it. When we did score Arsenal had the quality to keep the ball and make it difficult for us.

"We need to forget about tonight as soon as possible and look ahead to Watford in the Premiership on Saturday and also the Champions League."

louis' comments..

Gutted, disappointed. I've nothing much to say about this match. We lost and let's move on..

you'll never walk alone..


Monday, January 8, 2007


It's a campaign supported by all Liverpool fans which is a campaign against English tabloid newspaper, The Sun and it's former editor, Kelvin McKenzie.

The Hillsborough disaster was a deadly human crush that occurred on April 15, 1989, at Hillsborough, a football stadium in Sheffield, England, resulting in the loss of 96 lives.

On the Wednesday following the disaster, Kelvin MacKenzie, then editor of The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, used the front page headline 'THE TRUTH', with three sub-headlines: 'Some fans picked pockets of victims'; 'Some fans urinated on the brave cops'; 'Some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life'.

The story accompanying these headlines claimed that 'drunken Liverpool fans viciously attacked rescue workers as they tried to revive victims' and 'police officers, firemen and ambulance crew were punched, kicked and urinated upon'. A quote, attributed to an unnamed policeman, claimed that a dead girl had been abused and that Liverpool fans 'were openly urinating on us and the bodies of the dead'.

MacKenzie explained his reporting in 1993. Talking to a House of Commons National Heritage Select Committee he said "I regret Hillsborough. It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake was I believed what an MP said. It was a Tory MP. If he had not said it and the chief superintendent (David Duckenfield) had not agreed with it, we would not have gone with it." This explanation was not accepted by families of Hillsborough victims. Even fifteen years after the Hillsborough disaster, the circulation of The Sun in Liverpool is still believed to be only 12,000 copies a day where previously it was around 200,000.

On 30 November 2006, speaking to a business lunch, former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie repudiated the apology, saying that he only apologised because the newspaper's owner Rupert Murdoch ordered him to. He said "I was not sorry then and I'm not sorry now" for the paper's coverage.

louis' comments..

It's hard to find a place like Anfield and fans like us. I was surprised to see "THE TRUTH" at the KOP and i was also like 'what's going on?' Nevertheless, I only knew that the fans sang from the first minute to the last. Holding the red and white papers up for the first 6 minutes just tells me that the fans are determined to get some justice from the Hillsborough disaster.

Although I was only a few months old when the incident happened, i did see some of the videos about the incident and i could really see the stadium falling apart and fans are being crushed to death. It's really a sad day for all of us especially, those who lost their loved ones there.

I'm really sorry to see such an incident happened, but still, most importantly, we have to learn fomr our mistakes, be it, on or off the pitch.

You can't find fans like this in the world. It's only us.

you'll never walk alone..


Special Thanks to Drogballs,


Liverpool midfielder Momo Sissoko is targeting the Merseyside derby on February 3 for his return to action.
The Malian, who has not played since dislocating his shoulder against Birmingham on November 8, has now returned to training.

"I'm hoping to make it back for the first game in February, which is the Merseyside derby with Everton," said Sissoko.

"I've had some serious injuries but that is something you have to live with in this game. I've worked hard to get better and I'm now feeling okay."

louis' comments..

I'm really pleased to read about this news that Momo is coming back. I'm more that delighted to see him playing in the team again. I must admit, all of us missed his presence, especially in the mifield. To me, he's a key member of the squad.

With Momo back, Gerrard will be able to have a go at defences without worrying about the defence as Momo and Xabi Alonso will be protecting the back 4. I have been hearing the fact that Gerrard is playing well with Xabi in the middle. However, I do feel that, in this way, Gerrard have to be more reserved in the middle as he can't overcommit himself too much. Just like how he plays for England.

Hence, with Momo back, Gerrard would be able to threaten defences with his devastating runs in the middle, right or even left. I do miss Momo's tackling and the ability to break defences in the middle of the park. Many times this season, goals are conceded due to the fact that we can't clear the ball in the middle. Against Blackburn and Arsenal 2 days ago were just some examples.

Come on MoMo, we are looking forward for your return. Recover fast and join the battle !

you'll never walk alone.


Sunday, January 7, 2007


Team of the day..
Dudek, Riise, Carragher, Agger, Finnan, Garcia, Gerrard MBE (captain), Alonso, Pennant, Crouch, Kuyt.
Subs - Reina, Hyypia, Gonzalez, Aurelio, Bellamy reports..

There was little to choose between the sides on the night, but the Reds crashed out after Rosicky's double gave Arsenal an unassailable lead and then Henry's strike stopped a brilliant Liverpool fight back that had seen Dirk Kuyt score and make it 2-1.

The game got underway amidst a moving tribute and call for 'the truth' for the 96 Liverpool fans that died at Hillsborough in 1989. And so powerful was it that the game didn't seem to start properly until the sixth minute had been reached and the mosaic had come down.

In fact we'd seen eleven minutes elapse before the first real attempt on goal was made by Steven Gerrard's long range shot that went harmlessly wide. This was first of two meetings between the sides in just four days so perhaps it was of no surprise that both appeared to take time to size each other up.

It was Liverpool though who were showing the greater attacking intent and they will feel unlucky not to have been awarded a 24th minute penalty when Gilberto appeared to bring down Xabi Alonso in the area. The fact that referee Steve Bennett booked Alonso for diving will only have compounded their disappointment.

Arsenal showed that they would be a danger on the break when it took a good block from Riise to stop Hleb's goalbound effort in 28th minute. But Liverpool still remained in control and Crouch's smart control and instant shot flashed just yards over Almunia's crossbar.

The Reds were looking comfortable, but they were rocked in the 37th minute when Arsenal broke away and took the lead with a goal from Tomas Rosicky. There seemed little danger as Hleb rolled the ball into the Czech midfielder, but he beat Dudek with a superb dipping shot from 18 yards.

It was a goal somewhat against the run of play, but it was to get far worse for the Reds because Rosicky struck again in the 45th minute to double Arsenal's advantage. And like the first goal, it was another fine strike from Rosicky to beat Dudek from the edge of the penalty area.

Liverpool had it all to do and as you'd expect, Arsenal didn't make it easy for them. The second half saw Liverpool launch attack after attack, but Arsenal sat deep and made it difficult. And with the pace of Henry and Van Persie in attack, they were always capable of exposing the gaps that Liverpool left.

It took a great tackle from Carragher on Van Persie to stop them doing just that in 63rd minute, but the Reds got themselves deservedly back into the game when Dirk Kuyt latched onto Crouch's header to score and reduce the deficit in the 71st minute.

It was cue for a Liverpool onslaught and they came desperately close to turning it around when Aurelio's far post volley flashed narrowly wide with Almunia beaten. Liverpool deserved an equalizer, but instead they saw all their hard work undone when Henry restored his side's two goal advantage in the 84th minute.

The Reds must now look towards Tuesday's rematch in the Carling Cup to redres
s the balance with the Gunners.

Rafa's Comments..

The Liverpool manager felt the Reds started the game well but added he was disappointed with the errors.

"It was a bad day for all our supporters and for us and we have to be disappointed because we made some mistakes which cost us," admitted Benitez.

"We controlled the game for the first 35 minutes but we then made two mistakes and we found ourselves 2-0 down at half-time. We then got back into the game but made another mistake but with us going forward and trying to get another goal that was always a risk.

"It was a close game but when you make a mistake you normally get punished. Xabi Alonso thought he could have had a penalty but I haven't seen the replay again and you can't change these things now. I don't think he should have been given a yellow card though."

louis' comments..

The third round of FA Cup and we are out. The holders are being knocked out by Arsenal at Anfield this morning. Definitely disappointed and i could say that this was not the best liverpool performance.

We controlled the ball very well for the majority of first half, however, we didn't use this possession and create clear cut chances to even threaten the goal. Arsenal's attack is always fast and their 1-2 passing is well trained. Our defence would need to be on red alert for the full game. Unfortunately, we didn't. We allowed Rosicky to score 2 goals within 10 minutes? 2-0 down at half time and it's always so hard to come back from 2-0 against a strong team.

All of us know that Rosicky has the ability to strike the ball really well and yet, we gave him space to punish us. The first goal, to me, it's the goalkeeper error. Dudek was way off the goal-line, hence, Rosicky was able to lob the ball over him. When I saw the team sheet and saw Jerzy Dudek's name on it, i was getting worried. Looks like i was not wrong in getting worried.

The gap between our defence and mifield is way too big. It gave so much space to the likes of Henry, VanPersie, Helb, Rosicky to roam about. The second goal was pure ball watching. So many red shirts was with Rosicky and we allowed him to shoot the second time. I just couldn't understand. WHY DO WE ALLOW HIM TO SHOOT?

We tried really hard to get something back in the second half. Liverpool will never give up. Jermaine Pennant, Dirk Kuyt, Xabi Alonso are the players whom i thought worked really hard for the team and we managed to nick one back. A Kuyt header. A corner from Pennant and Crouch flicked towards the goal and Kuyt just head straight to the goal. 2-1 now. That's still hope and so much to play for.

Still, we didn't managed to create much clear cut chances to threaten Arsenal's lead. Instead, we conceeded one more. Thiery Henry. Jamie Carragher and Henry was chasing the ball at the left flank, knowing that Henry's pace is terrifying, Carragher should have clear the ball. But, he didn't. He tried to a smart alex and controlled the ball. Then, he fell and the ball is all Henry's. He dribbled past Agger and shot past Dudek for Arsenal 3rd goal. It's painful to see that, it just totally killed off Liverpool's game.

Jamie Carragher, for all these seasons, have been performing well for us, just couldn't mark Theiry Henry. For past seasons, Henry is always given the chance to score by dribbling past him and to be frank, Carragher has difficulties stopping him. That's something i don't understand. Carragher can stop any strikers, but just not Henry.

FA Cup is gone and there's a Carling Cup coming up on this wednesday. It would real good to get something back from Arsenal and go on to win the cup. The fans were awesome. I could understand how they feel when your team is 3-1 down at home. But, they still sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" in the 89th minute of the game.

I'm really proud being a Liverpool fan.

you'll never walk alone.


Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Bicycle Kick Against Galatasaray.

Bicycle Kick Against Bolton

What else can i say from the big man? Come on Peter!

you'll never walk alone.


Monday, January 1, 2007


Match Highlights

Team of the day..

Reina, Riise, Carragher, Hyypia, Finnan, Gonzalez, Gerrard MBE (captain), Alonso, Pennant, Crouch, Kuyt.
Subs - Dudek, Agger, Fowler, Aurelio, Garcia reports..

The Reds ran out deserved winners and overtake Bolton in the table after dominating the second half of this game and scoring three brilliant goals through first Crouch and then Gerrard and Kuyt. And only the brilliant reflexes of Bolton goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen stopped them scoring more.

This was the Reds' fourth match of a busy festive schedule so it was no surprise to see Rafa ring the changes. He made four in total, swapping Hyypia for Agger, Gonzalez for Garcia, Pennant for Aurelio and Crouch for Bellamy.

Bolton came to Anfield sitting one place above the Reds in 3rd, so perhaps it was of little surprise that the first half was a tight affair with scoring chances few and far between.

Liverpool did shade the first half though and Jaaskelainen was the only one of the two goalkeepers required to make a save; and what a save he made to deflect Steve Finnan's 27th minute rocket onto the crossbar.

The Reds began to take control as we approached half time and Xabi Alonso was unlucky to see his right footed shot finish the wrong side of the post with the Bolton keeper struggling to get to it.

The first half finished goalless and without Reina having to make a save; and it was Liverpool who offered the second half's first goal threat when Pennant crossed to Gonzalez and he headed over.

Liverpool were showing by far the greater ambition and they were rewarded for that when Peter Crouch gave them a deserved 61st minute lead with a goal reminiscent to the one he scored in the Champions League against Galatasaray.

The breakthrough came when Pennant found space and sped down the right before crossing to a waiting Crouch, who beat Jaaskelainen with a superb bicycle kick from 8 yards. It was a fitting goal for 2007's first Premiership goal.

Bolton were dazed and before they could get back to their feet, Steven Gerrard delivered a knockout blow when he made it 2-0 in the 63rd minute. And it was another excellent Liverpool goal as Pennant fed Kuyt, whose cross was volleyed into the Kop net by an incoming Gerrard.

Liverpool wrapped up the points when Dirk Kuyt scored to make it 3-0 in the 83rd minute and ensured that it really would be a Happy New Year for them and their supporters.

Rafa's comments..

The Liverpool manager said his team showed a great desire for victory and praised the work-rate of his players.

"My team was fantastic and we scored three amazing goals and it's a great way to start the new year," enthused Benitez.

"In the first half I thought we were a little anxious but I told the players at half-time to keep passing and moving and we would get some chances.

"Crouch scored an amazing goal and could have scored a couple more, it was nice for Gerrard to score after being awarded the MBE and Kuyt scored a deserved goal. Kuyt's work-rate was unbelievable. I thought Dirk would have been tired but he kept running and took his goal nicely.

"I'm really pleased with my players as their contribution today was fantastic and Pennant was important for us in the wide areas.

"Overall I'm not happy with our form over Christmas because we should have beaten Blackburn. We had a lot of chances in that game and we need to take them when we create as we did today."

louis' comments..

What a win to start a new year! The first game of 2007 in the English Premership and it turned out to be in Liverpool's favour.

Bolton was in 3rd place and Liverpool was in fourth. It was a important for us to win this game and kept on on our 3rd place. And we did. Bolton was hard to break down in the first half. Played real deep in defence and their mifield was fast closing down. However, we dominated the first half. With Alonso and Gerrard playing in the middle, we had lots of possesions of the ball. Steve Finnan was great in his crosses and Pennant was running at Bolton defences.

We played lots of wing-play and Finnan almost scored from a long shot. The Irishman had some space outside the penalty area and shot towards goal. Jaaskelainen saved the shot against the crossbar. Good try by the Finnan.

I was glad to see Peter Crouch back in the starting line up as i wanted him to show the world that he's doing well in Liverpool. I don't wish to see him leave Anfield. He didn't disappointed me. He scored a wonder goal again! A bicycle kick! Pennant crossed the ball into the penalty area and off he striked the ball towards the left of the goal.

Gerrard scored the second within a minute. It's a double blow. Bolton still suffering from Peter Crouch's goal and Gerrard capitalised it with a volley. It's nice build-up and it pleased me to see our captain scoring in the front of the Kop. 2-0 up and it was comfortable for Liverpool.

Jermaine Pennant was awesome in the right wing. Crossing and dribbling past Bolton defences and i could say that it was the best game he played for Liverpool. Dirk Kuyt added another one a third after a pass from Garcia. He managed to withstand Gardener and shot into the goal. It's a good goal for the Dutchman who's has not been scoring for quite some time. A morale booster.

I just love to see Sam Allardyce's pissed off face at the side benches, just despise his cocky face and he is so proud of his team's tactics of long balls. It's a great win for the players, fans and the staff.

3rd spot. 7 points away from chelsea. (with a game in hand.) Come On Reds! Continue keeping clean sheets and scoring goals. We can't afford to miss chances and any points. Bring on Arsenal.
Welcome To Anfield!

you'll never walk alone..