Sunday, November 8, 2009

YNWA, Liverpool

It's really hurts to see my blood and soul, Liverpool FC losing matches and being criticised on every single report, on every newspaper I read. It's inevitable though. Media is everywhere and they will write accordingly to what they see and think.

When Rafa makes a substitution, the player came on and scored the winner in the 83th minute, words of praises and 'master tactician' would be over the headlines. However, you conceded a last minute equalizer, there's goes your head. It's how football works, no denial.

I've already lost count the number of matches they've lost and the number of goals they've conceded. Nevertheless, I'm here telling all the fans out there, do keep the faith. Yes, we may not be able to win the Premiership we desperately want, and we may be knocked out of the Champions League, still, we are Liverpool Football Club. We have to stick with the team, be it high or low.

Disappointment and anger definitely be there whenever the Reds lost a match. Having said that, we have to remind ourselves that we have to be positive and support the team no matter what happens. I've started watching Liverpool play during Roy Evans' days and we have improved massively from then. Of course, we should be challenging for the title year in year out. However, I do think sometimes, Rafa has his problems behind the scenes which we couldn't see.

The long injury list, the beachball incident were all beyond Rafa's control. All I hope for is just a little luck on the Red side of Merseyside.

Walk on, keep the faith, I'll be right behind Liverpool Football Club.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Happen Liverpool, Rafa?

While serving National Service and spending most of my time in camp, I will try my best to get updates and watch Liverpool matches whenever I can. Unfortunately, the current status of the Reds camp seemed to be one of the worst during Rafa's reign.

Just a hour ago, Liverpool had just lost their 4th game in the season, having played 9 so far, against Sunderland. Title contenders? I'm seriously doubting this fact. Defensively unstable, lack of creativity and to me, the squad is not GOOD enough. Simple as it is.

With star duo Stevie and Fernando both ruled out injured, I simply have no idea how Liverpool will handle it. Expectedly, they played poorly and with the players Rafa chosen for his starting 11, it really puzzled me on how on earth he came to those decisions. By putting a inexperienced Jay Spearing and highly criticised Lucas Levia in the middle of the park against Sunderland in the Stadium of Light, is something which I thought was suicidal.

I do wonder, has Rafa lost it? What happen to our master tactician? Are our poor form due to Rafa's decisions or lack of squad depth or even luck?

Of course, you can argue about the ball in the middle of the field which assisted the winner. But, Liverpool had enough time to recover and change the game. Sadly, with the players now, I couldn't see anyone who can really do that. Luck plays a part and it's so unlucky whereby players come back injured from international break and you could do nothing about it. Having said that, the players coming into the team has to cherish the chance to prove themselves, fight for the place in the starting 11. Apparently, I couldn't see the guys doing that.

Against Chelsea at the Bridge, I thought Liverpool was losing out on quality and creativity. While Gerrard and Torres were both being heavily marked, the rest of the team did not rise to the occasion and hence, Drogba & Co got the upper hand. No one to dictate play, no one to distribute the defence breaking balls like what Xabi Alonso used to do.

So what happens now? 4 losses in the league with only 9 games played. 1 lost 2 played in the Champions League and meanwhile, the American owners are owning tones and tones of money to the banks. A very rough or I should say bad patch for Liverpool Football Club.

Definitely, we need to improve on the pitch. Forget about the title. Just keep going on every game and push as high as up on the table as possible. Players need to step up and resume responsibility to fight hard for the team while the fans like us can only pray hard, finger crossed and keeping the faith like we always have.

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Steven Gerrard the PowerHouse

Saw this advertisement on and it was a great advert on our Captain Steven Gerrard while the commentary was done by one of the world best footballers, Zinedine Zidane. Take a look guys.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Torres' Double Sink Hammers

West Ham 2 Liverpool 3
Torres 20, 75 Kuyt 42

Due to National Service here in Singapore, I have limited time to post match reports on this little site of mine. My sincere apologies, I will update as much as I can during my leave and break days.

I managed to watch the exciting affair at Upton Park last weekend with Liverpool beating Zola's men 3-2. Finally, able to catch a match of my beloved Liverpool in their new away white strip, fought their hard-earned 3 points.

Fernando Torres' brilliance on the pitch gave us the valuable win. 2 great goals by the Spanish plus a Kuyt's toe-poke overcame West Ham coming back twice in the game. Defensive errors from both centre backs was frustrating to watch which I do think Rafa needs to sort it out. The reliable Carragher and Skrtel seemed to be out of sorts handling English striker Cole.

Fortunately, the attackers did not disappoint and it's nice to see Ryan Babel coming on as impact substitute, sending a beautiful cross to Torres which was the winner of the game.

With already 2 losses in the league while the rest are writing us off, we have to stay focus and keep it going. Taking one game at a time, 3 points is what it matters end of the day. Come on Liverpool!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fernando Torres New Book!

Found some pictures in Fernando Torres' book launch!

Let's hope this can spark another wonderful season of Fernando Torres for Liverpool Football Club! :D FERNANDO TORRES, LIVERPOOL NUMBER 9!

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Team Photo 09/10

Awesome Team Photo! :D

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photos from Singapore Tour 2009

Due to National Service in Singapore, I was not able to be those crazy fans chasing our beloved club when they came over here for their pre-season Asian Tour. It's been 8 years since they've came and unfortunately, I had to miss all the fun and excitement. Nevertheless, I'm sharing some of the pictures over here.











Some great pictures in Singapore and you could see the players are enjoying themselves under the hot weather here. Let's hope this tour would be a spring board for the team for more success in the upcoming season.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wanna Shop Online?

Need a pair of boots? Jerseys? Ever thought of shopping sports apparel online but yet afraid that all these online sites are not trustworthy enough? Don't worry! I'm pretty sure of this site which has all the variety of sports apparel and they do real business!

SoccerPro is the one!

The guys from SoccerPro has kept their promise of shipping their products all the way to Singapore and it's right up to my doorstep. Believe it, their service is first class and their quality is never a doubt.



The home Liverpool kit as well as the latest away kit was delivered and products are of top quality. I'm impressed by its efficiency and customer service provided by SoccerPro. Now I'm not worried about getting coned online nor products can be delivered halfway.

So what are you waiting for?

SoccerPro is for you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fields of Anfield Road

I was surfing Youtube when I came across the all time Liverpool song "Fields of Anfield Road!" There are many versions of it, let me share my findings!

Liverpool Legends Singing on Hillsborough Tribute

James Walsh, the Lead Singer of StarSailor. He has a great voice!

Who else? Our very own fans! They are simply fantastic!

Simply Brilliant! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glen Johnson's Liverpool New Right Back

Finally, Liverpool has confirmed its signing on English defender Glen Johnson with a fee believed to be 18 million pounds from Portsmouth.The strong and pacey right back has agreed to join Rafa's men and I strongly believe he would be a great addition to the squad.

His former club, Chelsea was also in the chase for Johnson, however and fortunately for Liverpool, Glen decided to join the 5 times European Champions instead of his ex-club. It was also believed that Liverpool paid 11 million pounds while the other 7 million was still owed from Peter Crouch's deal 2 years back.

Let's take a look at our new right back!

Welcome to Liverpool Football Club!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fernando Torres to Front ProEvo Soccer!

The popular football video game which I myself plays, Pro Evolution Soccer whose' new front would be our very own striker Fernando Torres! It would be exciting to see our number 9 in action in the game now!

Get the game once it's out!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Torres' Fans Base in South Africa

While Spain is competing in the Confederations Cup, the Spanish players took a walk in South Africa while fans over there went crazy over Liverpool striker, Fernando Torres. I guess mostly are Liverpool fans!

Take a look!

It seems like Torres' popularity is getting higher and higher!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Torres Hat-Trick in Confederations Cup 2009!

Representing Spain in the Confederations Cup 2009, Fernando Torres just needed 17 minutes into the game to score his hat-trick against New Zealand in Spain's 5-0 win.

Brilliant goals scored! EL NINO!

Fernando Torres' Hat-Trick (Not the best quality)

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


I saw this news on Soccernet and I couldn't help but to post it here!

It reports..

Former Argentina international Jorge Solari has heaped glowing praise on Javier Mascherano, describing the Liverpool man as the one of best midfielders his country has produced in the last four decades.

''For me he (Mascherano) is the best central midfielder that has left Argentina in the last 30-40 years. ''Even better than Redondo. Javier covers a lot of ground, defends very well, especially one-on-ones, he attacks, he has good technique, he is intelligent and adapts to whatever the coach wants from him.''

I couldn't agree more! JAVIER MASCHERANO!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where Do We Need to Improve?

Now that the season has ended and the whole transfer market is up alive once again. Transfer speculations, rumours, record high fees. As for the Red half of Merseyside, there are more talks of players leaving instead of buys. Looking at the current Liverpool side, keeping the core players is definitely the priority rather than selling them. While Rafa Benitez is rejecting the suitors of Javier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso, let's see in which areas we need to improve?

With the current situation and depth, it seems to me that we have only Spanish Aberloa as our reliable full back. Free transfer signing, Philip Degen has been invisible the whole season. In several occassions this season, while Arbeloa is unavailable, Carragher has to makeshift to right back which I always disagree with this move. However, there's no other players to provide the depth in that position.

A new right back will not only provide stability but also competition to Arbeloa whose performances can be inconsistent a times.


The Brazilian right back has great pace and his overlapping ability is an eye to watch. I'm lucky enough to watch him live in Singapore when he came over with the Brazil Olympic Team. He's quick and has decent footwork. Tireless running up and down the flank. In Rafa's style of play, full back overlapping is highly important and I do think Rafinha fills the bill.

Glen Johnson

There was speculation over Liverpool is going to buy the Portsmouth and England international fullback. Big, strong and fast are his strengths and his ability to charge down the flank explains why he's playing for England now under Fabio Capello. The fact that he's English is a plus point as there will not be any adaptions to English league problems. Rafa, take a look!

With the rest of the defensive positions having enough cover, let's see the midfield. With Xabi Alonso, Mascherano and Lucas in the middle, plus Steven Gerrard able to play there as well, our center midfield is stable.

A flying winger would be good for our attacks, providing width and crosses into the box. With Albert Riera, Kuyt and Benayoun in the team, it would be beneficial if we have one more to bring on defenders, turning in and out.
Arjen Robben

The ex-Chelsea man has lighting pace, great dribbling skills and abilities. Famous on how he brings on defenders, delivering beautiful crosses into the box. A lethal left foot who can score incredible goals from tight angles as well. His relationship with Liverpool may not be the best, but, I'm sure he can be a great addition to the team.

Strikeforce? Fernando Torres and David Ngog at this moment. It seems to me that Rafa is unlikely to remove the effective partnership between Gerrard and Torres. This shows that by bringing in another striker to the team will have another Robbie Keane situation. Having said that, with another striker may prove to be a good move as there are times whereby playing 2 strikers can be essential.

Sergio Augero

The Argentinean striker who is playing for Torres' ex-club, Athletico Madrid, one of hottest prospects in the market. Another fast-paced striker who has an eye on the goal and his ability to link-up play with the midfield can be effective. He could be another Torres in the making, exciting fans with his runs behind defenders.

3 positions to be improve, a few more additions to the squad. Will this finally our final piece of our big jigsaw puzzle? What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lap of Honour 08/09

Pictures and video of the Lap of Honour 08/09 at Anfield after the last Premiership game against Tottenham Hotspur.

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Sami Hyypia Farewell

1999 - 2009
464 Appearances
35 goals
10 Trophies

All the best Sami!

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