Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Happen Liverpool, Rafa?

While serving National Service and spending most of my time in camp, I will try my best to get updates and watch Liverpool matches whenever I can. Unfortunately, the current status of the Reds camp seemed to be one of the worst during Rafa's reign.

Just a hour ago, Liverpool had just lost their 4th game in the season, having played 9 so far, against Sunderland. Title contenders? I'm seriously doubting this fact. Defensively unstable, lack of creativity and to me, the squad is not GOOD enough. Simple as it is.

With star duo Stevie and Fernando both ruled out injured, I simply have no idea how Liverpool will handle it. Expectedly, they played poorly and with the players Rafa chosen for his starting 11, it really puzzled me on how on earth he came to those decisions. By putting a inexperienced Jay Spearing and highly criticised Lucas Levia in the middle of the park against Sunderland in the Stadium of Light, is something which I thought was suicidal.

I do wonder, has Rafa lost it? What happen to our master tactician? Are our poor form due to Rafa's decisions or lack of squad depth or even luck?

Of course, you can argue about the ball in the middle of the field which assisted the winner. But, Liverpool had enough time to recover and change the game. Sadly, with the players now, I couldn't see anyone who can really do that. Luck plays a part and it's so unlucky whereby players come back injured from international break and you could do nothing about it. Having said that, the players coming into the team has to cherish the chance to prove themselves, fight for the place in the starting 11. Apparently, I couldn't see the guys doing that.

Against Chelsea at the Bridge, I thought Liverpool was losing out on quality and creativity. While Gerrard and Torres were both being heavily marked, the rest of the team did not rise to the occasion and hence, Drogba & Co got the upper hand. No one to dictate play, no one to distribute the defence breaking balls like what Xabi Alonso used to do.

So what happens now? 4 losses in the league with only 9 games played. 1 lost 2 played in the Champions League and meanwhile, the American owners are owning tones and tones of money to the banks. A very rough or I should say bad patch for Liverpool Football Club.

Definitely, we need to improve on the pitch. Forget about the title. Just keep going on every game and push as high as up on the table as possible. Players need to step up and resume responsibility to fight hard for the team while the fans like us can only pray hard, finger crossed and keeping the faith like we always have.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Steven Gerrard the PowerHouse

Saw this advertisement on and it was a great advert on our Captain Steven Gerrard while the commentary was done by one of the world best footballers, Zinedine Zidane. Take a look guys.

You'll Never Walk Alone..