Sunday, November 8, 2009

YNWA, Liverpool

It's really hurts to see my blood and soul, Liverpool FC losing matches and being criticised on every single report, on every newspaper I read. It's inevitable though. Media is everywhere and they will write accordingly to what they see and think.

When Rafa makes a substitution, the player came on and scored the winner in the 83th minute, words of praises and 'master tactician' would be over the headlines. However, you conceded a last minute equalizer, there's goes your head. It's how football works, no denial.

I've already lost count the number of matches they've lost and the number of goals they've conceded. Nevertheless, I'm here telling all the fans out there, do keep the faith. Yes, we may not be able to win the Premiership we desperately want, and we may be knocked out of the Champions League, still, we are Liverpool Football Club. We have to stick with the team, be it high or low.

Disappointment and anger definitely be there whenever the Reds lost a match. Having said that, we have to remind ourselves that we have to be positive and support the team no matter what happens. I've started watching Liverpool play during Roy Evans' days and we have improved massively from then. Of course, we should be challenging for the title year in year out. However, I do think sometimes, Rafa has his problems behind the scenes which we couldn't see.

The long injury list, the beachball incident were all beyond Rafa's control. All I hope for is just a little luck on the Red side of Merseyside.

Walk on, keep the faith, I'll be right behind Liverpool Football Club.

You'll Never Walk Alone..