Friday, June 29, 2007


I will be away for a few days, for a short trip to Malaysia. Will be back soon. Thanks! Keep commenting..

*Hoping to see big signings on the way when I'm back..

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A New Banner

I've put up a new banner. With the help of my great friend, Phileo, the new banner consists of Steven Gerrard, John Arne Riise and Daniel Agger. Pictures mainly from the Champions League games against Chelsea and Barcelona.

What do you think? Comments are definitely welcomed.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peter Crouch Holiday?

Saw this picture while surfing the net. It's Peter Crouch, probably having his holiday. But did you realise that he has a more than a pair of legs?


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Voting Results

The voting results for the YOUR GAME OF THE SEASON.

It seems to me that many of you out there feels that our win against Barcelona at the Nou Camp was your Game of the Season. The 2-1 win was a important and memorable game when both Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise scored the 2 goals. Both players were thought to be in a tiff before the game. What a way to silence the media! This game came on top with 41 votes out of 94 with a percentage of 44%.

The second place was the win against with arch rivals Chelsea in the Champions League Semi Final. Daniel Agger scored a beauty while we went on to win the penalty shootout with Pepe Reina being the hero. I voted for this! A match to remember and beating Chelsea is definitely a f**king good feeling. No doubts about that. It came second with 32 votes, 34%.

In 3rd place, the emphatic 4-1 win against Arsenal at home. Peter Crouch's perfect hat-trick with his right, left foot and the header. One of the best home performance by us and I could say that Arsenal didn't know how to handle our tall Peter Crouch. It's definitely a memorable for many especially Peter. 15 votes, 16%.

Lastly, thank you for your vote and support. It's the first poll set up in AnfieldReds and I assure you, there will be one coming up right soon.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AnfieldReds' Thank You

AnfieldReds has been around for six months and it's been an enjoyable process writing my thoughts and views on my beloved Liverpool. I'm continuing this blog and making sure it goes on and on if possible.

My blog counter has reached the 10,000 mark. All thanks to you guys out there, supporting and reading AnfieldReds. Though it is just a number of 10,000, I believe it does gives me encouragement to keep writing.

AnfieldReds wishes to say a big Thank You for your support.
Keep tagging and commenting.

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New Contracts

Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Pepe Reina and Xabi Alonso has all renewed their contracts. It's great to see all these players signing their contracts with us, dismissing any rumors and speculation of them linking or even leaving the club.

The best player in the club, Steven Gerrard will definitely be here for the next few years. We need him around to lift more trophies. Jamie Carragher will still be here commanding the defence, blocking the shots like it's against his life. Both of them are the backbone of the team. We need them to be in team, no doubts about it.

Pepe Reina has also extended his contract. I'm happy to see this news. I like him as our number one goalkeeper. Really hopes he can maintain his good form and keep more clean sheets for us. I'm really looking forward to see him becoming one of our best goalkeepers in Liverpool history.

Xabi Alonso is the fourth player to pen down his signature. There were doubts in his future after Mascherano arrival. However, it's feel great to see the Spanish playmaker pledged his future with us. I love his range of passing and vision. That's an valuable asset for us. Xabi is an unique player who is hard to find. It's important to keep him here and he can provide more which no much players can do. I'm just pleased to see him signed his contract.

With key members of the team assuring their future in the club, what about the new signings? I hope to see some soon.

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Champions League Videos

Surfing youtube and saw these videos.. and guess who's number 1?

Champions League Top 10 Goals 06/07

Top 5 Champions League Tricks

What else can I say?

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Liverpool's EPL Goal of the Season?

What do you think?

(A) - Peter Crouch vs Arsenal
(B) - Dirk Kuyt vs West Ham
(C) - Steven Gerrard vs Bolton
(D) - Xabi Alonso vs Watford
(E) - Luis Garcia vs Aston Villa
(F) - John A.Riise vs Spurs
(G) - Jermaine Pennant vs Chelsea
(H) - Peter Crouch vs Bolton
(I) - Xabi Alonso vs Newcastle
(J) - Daniel Agger vs West Ham

Tagboard and Comment box just a click away!

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

AnfieldReds' Report Card 2006/07 - Goalkeepers

The season has came to an end. It's time for us to reflect and for me to grade the players. From the back to the front. Starting from goalkeepers.

First, Pepe Reina.

Our number one goalkeeper for the past 2 seasons. He started poorly in the beginning with much blunders and howlers especially those against our derby rivals, Everton. Future was in doubt and I believe Rafael Benitez gave him a warning of performing. He stood up well and managed to regain his form which made all of us started loving him again.

What I love about him is his confidence on the ball and towards the end of the season, he played really well and helped us on the way to Athens with a penalty shootout win against Chelsea. That was for me his best performance. Heard that his contract is going to be extended. I do fancy him to stay with us and be one of the best goalkeepers in Liverpool history.

AnfieldReds' Grade : 80/100

Jerzy Dudek

Our Istanbul hero. He will never be forgotten for the night and be in Liverpool history. However, ever since Reina's arrival, his place in the team is not guaranteed. Or I should say taken over. He's normally on the bench this season except for several occasions.

Sadly, every time he plays, it's seems to be Liverpool who's losing. Nobody will forget the 6-3 loss against a young Arsenal side in the Carling Cup. He was the goalkeeper of the match. Mistakes were everywhere. In football, people will only remember the mistakes, not the saves. His contract is not extended and is allow to leave the club end of the season.

Nevertheless, we appreciate his contributions to Liverpool Football Club. He's a winner and I shall wish him all the best for his future career.

AnfieldReds' Grade: 50/100

*Defenders' coming up..

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There's Only One Gary Mcallister

I was surfing around and saw this name Gary Mcallister. I believe all of us would remember this man. The man who probably won us the treble in 2001. Unbelievable of what he has achieved during this 2 years in Liverpool. We miss him, don't we?

There's Only One Gary Mcallister!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Poll Is Up!

I've created a poll just below the tagboard. I've selected some games of this season and wish to know what you guys think about your game of the season. Please start voting! Thank you for your support.

Liverpool Vs Chelsea
Champions League Semi-final 2nd Leg 06/07

Liverpool Vs Chelsea
English Premiership

Liverpool Vs Arsenal
English Premiership

Liverpool Vs PSV
Champions League Quarter Final 1st Leg

Liverpool Vs Aston Villa
English Premiership

Liverpool Vs Barcelona
Champions League Last 16 First Leg

I will show the results after 2 weeks. Thanks guys!

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