Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cute Picture

Sandy found this! Isn't it cute? I was wondering where's Carragher though! Hahaha! She's a great fan of Torres! Thanks girl for sharing!

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Torres' Hat-Trick Beaten Boro

Liverpool 3 Middlesbrough 2
Torres 28, 29, 61 - Tuncay 9, Downing 83

Back into the league, against Gareth Southgate's men back at Anfield. I was wondering whether Liverpool could manage to build on with their magnificent win over Inter Milan during mid-week. They are like 2 teams, one in the league, a different one in Champions League.

Boro gave us a scare early. They managed to score through Tuncay in the 9th minute. I on my television at the 10th minute though. Liverpool didn't look comfortable in the early minutes and were struggling to control the game.

It took a mistake from Boro's captain, Julio Arca for the home side to equalise. His header back to the keeper was straight at Torres who calmly dribbled past the keeper and into the net.

It's really nice to see Torres scoring again after his injury. Just hope he keep going scoring and that would probably help the team. His goal didn't stop there. He carried on scoring the second. What a shot!

We got back into the lead fast enough and honestly, we didn't really deserve to be. Well, that's football. You just need to take chances which Torres did. He got the match ball with his third in the second half.

It's pleasing to see Torres getting a hat-trick in the league. Boro managed to scored their second through Downing and gave them some belief in getting a point at Anfield. We managed to hold on with the help by the sending off of ex-Arsenal striker Aliadiere.

Mascherano raised his hand first but Aliadiere returned him with a slap. Lost his cool and that gave Liverpool some room to breathe and control the remaining minutes. A good win , 3 points in the bag. We need to keep winning and get as many points in order to fight for 4th spot.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Much Needed Win Over Inter

Liverpool 2 Inter Milan 0
Kuyt 85, Gerrard 90

Oh my, it's like finally! I haven't been writing on a match report like for so many matches. Their run and form were so poor that many times, I was clueless of what to write. A shocking exit last weekend against Barnsley was still on the back of many fans' mind and here comes Inter Milan, the current team leading the Serie A.

An European night is special, as always. The feelings, atmosphere and of course, the 12th man has always been there making the difference yet again. Inter Milan was the favourites, no doubt about it. By just looking at the current form says it all.

However, Liverpool produced one of the best performances of the season. Against the mighty Italians, they didn't show any kind of fear and they were magnificent throughout the 90 minutes.

Marco Materazzi was sent off early in the game. Torres gave him a teaching lesson though many would have thought he was too harshly done by. 2 fouls on Fernando within 30 minutes. Sorry Marco, you gotta go.

Inter Milan was a difficult side to beat and they defended really well. We had many chances, but just couldn't find the net. Everyone wearing red was working really hard, passed the ball around and their inter-play was superb.

I do wonder why they can play this way in the Champions League but not in the league? What's actually the problem? Why is the difference so much? I really have no idea. I only know that Inter didn't much sniff on the Liverpool goal.

It took 85 minutes for the home side to break the deadlock. Supersub Pennant cross a beautiful diagonal ball into the box, which landed on Dirk Kuyt. Yes, the striker whom I always curse and swear, the one who have always frustrated the Liverpool fans, shot into the goal with a deflection off the defender.

I don't care, the fans don't care, it's a GOAL! Kuyt scored! Anfield burst. I shouted at my television! This is the moment we haven't experience for quite some time and it really felt good.

I wanted a second goal. I knew we had some time left. A 2 goal cushion is always the best scoreline to bring to San Siro's. Once again, Captain Stevie didn't disappoint us! Got the ball outside from the Pennant once again, switched onto his deadly right foot and the next moment, the ball was off the post into the net. It took like 4 bounces into the goal!

Let's take a look at how Gerrard celebrated his goal!

It really felt darn good! To be winning against Inter Milan by 2 goals. Although it's only 1st leg, and I know the tie is not over, nevertheless, I got to enjoy this. There isn't much chances for me to do so. Haha!

It's a great victory and I do hope.. we can move on from here, playing better football achieving better results.

Our 12th Man

Not forgetting,

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shock Exit From FA Cup

Liverpool 1 Barnsley 2
Kuyt 32 - Foster 57, Howard 90

This sums up Liverpool's season so far. Failure to take chances, failure to score and failure to win. It's no excuses. Losing to Barnsley at home is something, by right, unacceptable at all. How bad can it get?

At this state, putting Steven Gerrard on didn't help the team and somehow I do feel that Rafa himself is clueless of what to do. I'm speechless as well. Emotionless at what's happening at Anfield. We have the players, have the manager, we just couldn't get the results.

Something must be wrong but I've no idea what's going on right over there. When Barnsley scored the winning goal, it felt nothing but just like "a same old story." With only 2 compeitions left, there isn't much for Liverpool to play for.

Crashing out of the FA Cup didn't come at the right time. I guess when things goes wrong, everything goes wrong as well. Champions League game next, I'm not expecting much from the lads though. Sorry Rafa and Co.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0

Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

AnfieldReds would like to wish you a
Happy Chinese New Year!

I will be away for a few days until the 10th. Hopefully just in time for the Chelsea game at the Bridge. Come on Liverpool!

Take care everyone!

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