Friday, January 28, 2011

Luis Suarez: Liverpool’s Revival Need

110 goals in 154 appearances. 38 appearances for the Uruguayan national team by the young age of 23. Dutch Footballer of the year. Pretty good credentials, right? Many top clubs around the world are believing the hype, too, about Luis Suarez, current Ajax captain and absolute phenomenon. His transfer to a major league in Europe is nearly inevitable and the Amsterdam-based club will be catering to the top bid available. Rumor has it that interested clubs include: Tottenham, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Arsenal, and of course, struggling Liverpool. Out of all these squads, the Reds need Suarez the most (the club have the fewest goals out of any of these sides in league play thus far.

Let’s face it; Liverpool are in desperate need of a revitalization, and what better way to start one than with Suarez in a Liverpool jersey. What Reds side would lose to Everton, Blackburn, Stoke City, Newcastle United, Wolverhampton, and even Blackpool twice? A side desperate to find some form. Under Kenny Danglish, the side at least look interested in playing on the field now. Only 7 teams in EPL league play thus far have produced fewer goals than Liverpool. Fernando Torres is beginning to find a bit of his old form from time to time but when he’s not on, the club can’t realistically rely on David N’Gog or Ryan Babel to man the reigns and take responsibility to account for a few goals here and there. Enter Luis Suarez.

In my mind, there is no inherent flaw to Luis Suarez’s game. He’s one of the most deadly box finishers in the game, he can hold up the ball, and has pace. Plus, he can distribute and has an underrated game out of the air. He is the ‘new’ Fernando Torres signing and marquee man Liverpool need to get back on track. The Reds are reportedly working out a fee to sign Suarez this January and fans are drooling at an opportunity to see the man in a Liverpool jacket. Honestly, I am too. He may cost a pretty penny to the English club and he would be worth every one. He has all the tools to become as beloved as Torres and partnering the two together would immediately make the tandem the most feared attack in all of the league. If John Henry is looking to make a splash, and make the club relevant again, he can do no better than signing one of the hottest commodities in Europe.

Written by: Chris Behrens for