Tuesday, March 25, 2008

'I Hope That's Not On The Telly!'

Captain Stevie..

It's on the net, Captain!

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Stupidity Costs Liverpool 3 points

Manchester United 3 Liverpool 0
Brown 34, Ronaldo 78, Nani 81

As the scores had showed, Manchester United has shown to their arch-rivals of how to win the title. 3-0 didn't reflect fairly on the number of the home side has, it could have been more. Though being a die-heart Liverpool fan, I have to admit, Manchester United was a better team. With so much hope and excitement before the game, it turned out to be a nightmare in the end.

Away from home, against the defending champions, you can't afford to lose focus and make mistakes. They will punish you, which they did. You have to be strong defensively, working hard as a team and press the opposition. Unfortunately for Liverpool, in this game, small mistakes cost them dearly.

Pepe Reina, the reliable one at many occasions, made mistakes in the game which are so uncommon in his game. If you are off the goal-line, reaching for the ball, you got to make sure you got it. Otherwise, you are in deep shit. Many would have argued, he made some fantastic saves in the game.

Well, like what Ex-Liverpool boss, Gerald Houllier mentioned, a good goalkeeper is not the number of saves he makes, it's the least mistakes he makes. I agreed with that phrase. People don't remember your wonderful saves when your team is losing. People would remember your mistakes and blunders. When he made those saves in Sunday's game, I felt that the damage has already been done.

Javier Mascherano.
Just totally lost it. Lost his cool. Lost his composure. Being a professional player like him, you can't afford to question the referee and just abandon the rest of the 10 players on the pitch. With a yellow card in you, you have to stay calm and play football. Yes, it's a high tension match. You are desperate to win especially with your arch rivals. However, that's no excuse for such a behaviour. Mascherano has to learn and I believe he did.

Don't worry Javier, I still like your style. :)

His sent off did play an important role. Liverpool's structure of the team has been changed and plan B has to be implemented. Against Manchester United at Old Trafford, playing with 11 men, it's difficult, let alone 10. It's just matter of time the home side would score more.

It just reminds me of the game few years back, with Sami Hyypia being sent off in the 1st minute by Mike Riley and we were 1-0 down since. The final score was 4-0. It was just almost the same situation, same feeling.

Ferguson is a very clever man. His words and mind games before the highly anticipated match paid off. I wouldn't blame the referee. Javier deserved to be off and Liverpool didn't play to their standards to get any points from the game. Talking about the referee, the respect and his experience in the game would never be matched.

He knew that this would be a high intensity game, knowing that the fact that players would tend to play with their emotions, he played experienced players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes who never failed to get the job done. Playing 5 across the middle was a good tactical move as he know the danger of what Liverpool can do. That's probably why Manchester United are so successful under him.

Liverpool ain't good enough. We have to improve in many areas of the pitch. Small details can proved crucial. We have to forget this match, and move on. We lost with our heads high, and we still have several games to go. We need the 4th place.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mascherano & Torres Overcame Physical Reading

Liverpool 2 Reading 1
Mascherano 19, Torres 48 - Matejovsky 5

This man above is Javier Mascherano. The Argentinian holding mifielder who has recently signed permanently to Liverpool Football Club. His performances has been one of the most consistent in the team, breaking play, tackling in all areas of the pitch. Last night's match against Reading saw him scoring his first ever goal for the home side.

Reading scared Liverpool early in the game with a world class shot by Reading midfielder Marek Matejovsky. Those shot in which he can shoot once in his whole career with that amount of strength and accuracy. Well, I don't think any goalkeeper can save that shot.

Despite going down 1-0 at home, Liverpool played their football and Reading was fast in closing down the Reds, giving them no space. However, Mascherano was able to make space for himself, dribbling past 2 defenders and shot a beauty! Thunderbolt!

What a way to score your first goal for the team!

You truly deserve this celebration!

How can we leave Fernando Torres? He just have to be in the picture isn't it? Despite the physical Reading side, Torres punished the defenders for kicking countless times on his legs. He earned a freekick after a reckless tackle by Reading defender Liam Rosenior. He deserved a YELLOW ref!

Up step, Captain Stevie with a beautiful cross which was headed in by EL Nino! He made it so simple isn't it? His 20th league goal of the season! Well Done Fernando!

They just love hugging each other!

Liverpool's next few fixtures are the most important ones this season. Facing stiff competition with Everton on the 4th spot, it's essential for them to keep the form and winning. Manchester United next, Everton after, and Arsenal 3 times a week. What can beat that?

Will Rafa would be able to overcome the tough barriers and achieve the best results over the weeks?

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Arsenal, Here We Come!

Yes, the quarter finals draw is out. The Red Half of Merseyside would have to travel to London, Emirates to face the mighty Arsenal. Both English teams have beaten the Milans out of the competition and this time, it's an all English affair at the quarter finals.

Being a Liverpool fan, I would have to say it's a very tough draw. Arsenal is a team which I admire their style of playing and I'm rooting them for the title. The likes of Fabregas, Adebayor, Helb just tells us about the quality of the team. Beating AC Milan at San Siro is never, never easy.

Well, it would be an interesting encounter. Meeting the same team 3 times a week is definitely a challenge when these teams know each other so well. A moment of brillance or a blunder would maybe the deciding factor.

2nd April 08
Champions League 1st Leg
Arsenal vs Liverpool

5th April 08
Premier League
Arsenal vs Liverpool

8th April 08
Champions League 2nd Leg
Liverpool vs Arsenal

With hope in your heart..

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reds Marched Into Last 16 at San Siro

Inter Milan 0 Liverpool 1
Torres 68
(Aggregate 0-3)

The 3 persons above. Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Rafa Benitez. This 3 men has been the Liverpool's heart and soul and yes, it proved to be as Liverpool marched into the last 16 of the Champions League. Beating the Italians current leaders, Inter Milan with a aggregate of 3-0, it's definitely a moment to remember.

Captain Steven Gerrard was influential in the match, leading the team into a disciplined and well-tactic win at the San Siro. Rafa was definitely the tactician, has once again, showed the world that Liverpool is a force in Europe. Fernando Torres, the one who scored the winning goal, I have nothing more to say about him. Simply BRILLANT.

Inter Milan had several chances in the game, Pepe Reina was alert to make two great saves. Even so, I just felt that Liverpool would be able to get through during the game. Liverpool was hard to beat, tactically, Inter Milan couldn't penetrate much into the Jamie Carragher's defence.

I knew we would score. I knew we would get a away goal and it's game over for the home side. Who else? Fernando Torres. What a beauty!

Let's look on how he celebrates!

This goal totally silenced the crowd and I could hear the Red half were singing out loud. Inter Milan fans clapped us off at the end, accepting the defeat. I felt that it was really gracious of them to do so.

Let's look forward to the draw and concentrate on the league for now. Let's enjoy the win!

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gerrard and Torres Punished Magpies

Liverpool 3 Newcastle 0
Pennant 43, Torres 45, Gerrard 51

Let's congratulate Fernando Torres! February Player of the Month. Keep it going Fernando!

Due to my tight schedule, I didn't have much time to write about the whole match. Well, we were lucky for this game and most importantly, we could see that Gerrard and Torres were playing very well up front, scoring and assisting each other against the helpless Newcastle.

Let's see the pictures..

Torres' First Goal

*Sandy, the pictures are here for you. :)

It's time for Captain Stevie..

Sorry Michael..

It's a good win, an important one as well. We are heading to San Siro and face the Italian giants. We have to keep the form going and make sure we qualify to the next round. With hope in your heart..

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Torres Hammered The Hammers

Liverpool 4 West Ham 0
Torres 8, 60, 81, Gerrard 83

How can I possibly not write about this? Fernando Torres has singlehandedly hammered the visiting Hammers down. The game in hand which we desperately needed to win and get the 3 points, and yes, we got it.

It's a mid-week game which meant to be a 4am match live here in Singapore. Despite the fact of working the next day, I still pulled myself up out of my bed and caught the game. Fortunately, the Reds didn't disappoint me.

Torres' first goal was the best of the three, in my opinion. Caught everyone by surprise even myself. West Ham goalkeeper, Robert Green, stood on this feet, looking so helpless watching the ball into the net. From that moment he scored the first, I knew there would be more from this fellow.

Martin Skrtel, (above with Torres) was superb. I'm beginning to like this young lad as his performances has been consistent over the last few matches which he has played. A big strong defender with pace which is something I love to see in a defender. Keep it up, Martin. You'll do well.

As I expected, Torres' second came. His top corner header left Green glued at his position again. Clearly shown his coolness in front of goal. He just couldn't stop scoring isn't it? Many of the girls are all going crazy over him, but I guess the guys can't resist as well. :)

The match ball belonged to him when he just made Neil like a fool in the box. Awesome control which "ole" Neil and off he went, finishing off his third of the night. It's been sometimes since we have seen such a scorer like this. Michael Owen was the last. Well, he has already achieved so much in his first season over here. He will be good, good to be up there with the likes of Rushs, Daglishs and Keegans. I'm sure he would.

Captain Stevie just couldn't stand Torres being the limelight for too long, he also would like to join the show. He added the fourth with his trademark 25-yard thunderbolt. His shot pulled me of my seat. Just couldn't stop admiring Stevie's abilities on the pitch. His celebrations just told who's Boss around.

Fans just told the Americans bosses what to do!

We have to keep it going, keep taking the 3 points. Like Rafa said, it's in our hands now. We have to make sure we cement the 4th place and probably closing the gap to the 3rd.

Come on!

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Win At The Reebok

Bolton 1 Liverpool 3
Cohen 79 - Jaaskelainen og 10, Babel 60, Aurelio 75

A great win!

Match in pictures..

Stevie with the shot !

Babel with wonderful second..

Aurelio's first goal for Liverpool !

Apologised for no match reports, have been very busy with work. :)

You'll Never Walk Alone..