Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro's Top 5 Goals!

Tonight will be the European Championship showdown final between Spain and Germany. Well, our Torres will be starting and Chelsea's Ballack will be hoping to break his No 2 jinx. It will be an exciting encounter between the 2 European Giants.

Chanced upon this video, showing the top 5 goals so far in the Championship. Enjoy these goals, they are world-class!

I love Nihat's goal against the Czechs! Stunning! What's about yours? The poll is right at the side!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanks For The Memories, John Arne Riise

Well well, John Arne Riise. What a player he has been for Liverpool Football Club. Signed by Gerald Houllier, a 4 million pounds signing from French side Monaco FC. He was 18 years old then when he first wore the red shirt. I could still remember that he came over to Singapore with the team while I had difficulties pronouncing his name.

This lad here grown as player here, scored many goals and his trademark long throws are hard to forget. Many would have remember his famous thunderbolts and his sweet left foot. His goals against Manchester United, Chelsea and Barcelona were the special moments he had during his 6 years career here.

Unfortunately, his form dropped massively and there are many occasions whereby his defending skills were doubted by many including myself. His poor form continued for the last 2 seasons and I do think that Rafa is aware of it. Many would have remembered his infamous own goal against Chelsea at the last kick of the Champions League semi-final.

He's has been a great servant to the club, puts in everything and he has won the Champions League, Super Cup, League Cup and the FA Cup with Liverpool. It's not a bad achievement for a player. I guess Rafa feels that it's time for Riise to move on and probably it's a good and new challenge for the Norwegian.

5 million pounds move to AS Roma. Good deal for Rafa as I guess he also needs some cash for the his summer signings.

Good luck John, thanks for the memories.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who's Your Fav Player?

Share this video with you guys from

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Liverpool Players In Adverts!

Managed to see some advertisments on Youtube and found some really nice ones, consisting of our own players.

Fernando Torres and Dirk Kuyt in Pringles

Fernando Torres for Nike

Take note of the song behind that advertisment! Nan nan nan..

You'll Never Walk Alone..