Thursday, May 31, 2007

Away Kit 07/08

New Away kit for next season. How you guys think about it?

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Rafa Half Time Talk In Istanbul

With Athens final to forget, I found this on a website and I really salute Rafa's team talk back then in 2005 in Istanbul.

"Don't let your heads drop.
All the players who go on
the pitch after half-time have
to keep their heads held high.
We are Liverpool. You are
playing for Liverpool.
Do not forget that.
You have to hold your
heads high for the supporters.
You have to do it for them.
You cannot call yourselves
Liverpool players if you have
your heads down.
If we create a few chances
we have the possibility of
getting back into this.
Believe you can do it and you will.
Give yourself the chance
to be heroes."

(Rafa Benitez – Half time.
Ataturk Stadium. Istanbul.
25th May 2005)

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Monday, May 28, 2007

America's You'll Never Walk Alone

The new America Idol Jordin Sparks sang this..

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, May 27, 2007

AC Milan Vs Liverpool Post Match Comments

It's been some time after the final. Still, I could feel the pain and disappointment losing a major final like this. It's an uncomfortable feeling and how I wish I can forget this. Sadly, I know I would not able to. I will always remember this final for my rest of my life.

We did play well. However, not good enough to win in Athens, not enough to overcome the quality and experience of Milan, not enough to score goals.

Many times this season, we struggled to put the ball into the net and that flaw caused us some much points throughout. It followed us in the final. We didn't score. That's the reason why we didn't bring the trophy back. It's pretty frustrating to watch the match. We had the lion's share of possession. Sadly, they scored at the stroke of halftime. That's the worse time to concede a goal. Our fans sang their hearts out, unfortunately, their efforts were not able to push the team into scoring.

My heart went out for our team. My hand was everywhere. My head, my face etc. When Milan scored the second, I knew it's over. My heart sank. A feeling which I didn't feel before. It's not any ordinary lost from a league match. It's the god darn Champions League final.

Nevertheless, it's all over. Milan won the final and we shall hold our heads high. It's definitely disappointing to lose in a major final, but I guess it's just makes the team stronger. Milan lost in 2005, they came back strong and managed to beat Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Liverpool in the end. We should learn this from them. Learn from mistakes and make full use of this experience in future.

I'm proud of our fans. Our singing and cheering are the best in the world. Milan won the trophy but it's our fans who sang louder that their celebrations. You could feel their pain in their singing and at the same time, they are telling the team that no matter what happens, You'll Never Walk Alone. My eyes were watery as I heard the voices of Anfield. It's just so unbelievable.

It's a match for us to forget, but remember the valuable lessons we've learnt.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind

Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Crouch & Carragher Interview

Got these videos on the net and put it up for you guys to check it out..

Crouch & Carragher Interview

Crouch's Ad

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

AC Milan 2 Liverpool 1

Team of the day..
Reina, Riise, Agger, Carragher, Finnan, Zenden, Alonso, Mascherano, Pennant, Gerrard MBE (c), Kuyt.
Subs - Arbeloa, Bellamy, Crouch, Dudek, Gonzalez, Hyypia, Kewell

Match Goals

Match Extended Highlights..

What Rafa and Players has to say..

Rafael Benitez..
"First of all I want to say congratulations to AC Milan," said Rafa. "They are a good team. I thought in the first half we were controlling the game, going forward and creating chances. We conceded a bad goal, although every goal you concede,and the problem with this is you have to start the second half with a new idea.

"We were going forward in the second half and after we hoped to use fresh legs, but we needed to take our chances. We gave them space between the lines and they have a lot of quality. We played against a good team with good players."

We were playing well until we conceded the first goal.

Steven Gerrard..
"You've got to take it on the chin, move on and try to pick yourself up but at the moment it's heartbreaking," he said.

"I thought we started well, we were in control just how we like to be but when you do that you've got to score. They got the first goal, with a bit of luck, but it was a big lift for them.

"We gave everything but it wasn't to be tonight and certainly this feels the complete opposite to what it was like after Istanbul."

Jamie Carragher..
"We are devastated but hopefully the defeat will make us stronger and we will be back next season," said Carragher.

"While it's hard to take losing a final, at the same time we've got to hold our hands up and give great credit to AC Milan who are a great side.

"We enjoyed the celebrations of winning it two years ago so we have a lot of respect for Milan and we will move on from this.

"Their first goal was a bit fortuitous and I should have cleared the ball better than what I did and it then put Xabi Alonso under pressure to clear the ball. At this level the smallest detail counts.

"I didn't think there was much in the game and we had a good chance with Stevie but unfortunately we couldn't score.

"I didn't think Milan had a lot of chances and I thought we played very well in the second half but no-one will remember that and it's Milan's night.

"I thought we handled Kaka as well as any team has done in this tournament and Mascherano put in a few great challenges on him. He set up their second goal but he is always going to cause any team problems because he is the best player in the world.

"Our fans were probably the man of the match again and full credit to them. We are just devastated we couldn't bring the cup back for them."

Comments coming up..

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AC Milan Vs Liverpool Preview

Just hours before the final, I've finally squeezed out some time to post an entry about the Champions League Final which everyone is talking about. It has been a long wait for both Liverpool and Milan fans out there for the final. This is the moment all of us are waiting for.

History is repeating itself but has not repeated. Both Liverpool and Milan faced each other again in Athens for the Champions League Final for the second time in 3 years. Liverpool won in 2005 after coming back from 3-0 down at halftime. No one will forget it. It's a final for Liverpool to remember and Milan to forget.

Now, the two teams meet again with the majority of the teams are still the same. The likes of Kaka, Pirlo, Gattuso versus Gerrard, Alonso, Carragher. With experience in both sides, I do believe it would be a close encounter.

There were many questions and discussions of who's playing in the Liverpool team and who's playing at which position. Rafa, as usual, has always been changing and rotating his players until that no one can guess who's playing and even players themselves do not know. He's a great tactician and I do believe in him picking the best line-up.

As for me, I would put the following.
Reina , Finnan, Carragher, Agger, Riise, Kewell, Alonso, Mascherano, Gerrard, Pennant, Crouch.

With a 4-5-1 formation, we would be able to control the midfield. We are not going to allow Kaka and Seedorf running the shows in the middle. We have to keep the ball and turn them into chances.

Kewell would be the left option for me because somehow, I do feel that he can offer much to the team despite of his lack of match fitness. He's a great winger and hopefully, it can be a dream comeback for him. With both Kewell and Pennant on the wings, we need a target man upfront. That's definitely Peter Crouch. His height is a major asset and his goals in European games proves it all. It shows that in Europe, not many defenders are able to stop him. With tall presence, I do believe he can cause Milan some problems.

With Gerrard playing just behind Crouch, Kewell and Pennant on the wings and Alonso, Mascherano protecting the back four, we can really create something despite being the underdogs. Of course, that's what I think, Rafa may have his own ways.

It won't be easy for us, for sure. However, we do stand a chance.

Come on Reds!
I've faith in you..

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kewell Final?

Soccernet reports..

The door has been opened for Harry Kewell to make a remarkable comeback in the Champions League final due to an unlucky training ground injury to Bolo Zenden.

Kewell has only just returned to action after a year out recovering from groin operations and boss Rafael Benitez - although happy with the Australian's progress - was sceptical that he would have enough match fitness under his belt to play the whole 90 minutes of the final.

But with Zenden's injury, the Spanish coach may have to seriously consider Kewell, or move full-back John Arne Riise into a midfield role with Alvaro Arbeloa coming in at left-back.

Benitez says: 'Bolo has injured his ankle. He's been treated by the doctor and the good news is the swelling is not that bad. We will need to see how it is after more checks. 'It will be difficult to say he will be fit for the final now, but I won't say no yet. He is strong and determined and it may recover quickly. I still hope he will be okay.

'It will be a big disappointment for him and for us if it's not possible. Bolo can bring character, experience and tactical knowledge to the team. 'He is one of the good options for the left side, but now we must see how he recovers and decide what to do.'

It's bad news for us as Zenden at this moiment s an important player for us. His experience can prove crucial at this stage of football. Nevertheless, I do hope that Rafa would pick the best team and would not make the same mistakes again in the first half of Istanbul. Everyone knows that Milan outplayed Liverpool during the first half before Rafa decides to change things in bringing Dietmar Hamman.

It's also a good chance for Kewell, Gonzalaez, Riise to work harder as they know the position is all up for grabs. Kewell is the best candidate at this moment with Riise playing behind him. However, he lack the fitness and he has not been playing competitive football for the past 11 months. Will it too much for him to take to play a Champions League final?

We'll wait and see..

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On The Way To Athens..

Got these videos from redhalfofmerseyside.

Final Training At Anfield

Rafa On Athens..

I can't wait for the final..

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pictures of Last Match 06/07

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Premiership League Table 2006/07

Man Utd 38 89
Chelsea 38 83
Liverpool 38 68
Arsenal 38 68

Tottenham 38 60
Everton 38 58
Bolton 38 56

Reading 38 55
Portsmouth 38 54
Blackburn 38 52
Aston Villa 38 50
M'brough 38 46
Newcastle 38 43
Man City 38 42
West Ham 38 41
Fulham 38 39
Wigan 38 38

Sheff U 38 38
Charlton 38 34
Watford 38 28

Champions :
Manchester United

Qualify for Champions League
: Manchester United
: Chelsea
: Liverpool
: Arsenal

Qualify for UEFA Cup
: Tottenham
: Everton
: Bolton

: Sheffield United
: Charlton
: Watford

Liverpool 2 Charlton 2

Team of the day..
Padelli, Arbeloa, Agger, Carragher, Finnan, Riise, Mascherano, Zenden, Gerrard MBE, Fowler (c), Kuyt.
Subs - Alonso, Crouch, Hyypia, Kewell, Martin

The final match of the season against the relegated Charlton at Anfield. This match would actually determine the chase for the 3rd spot between Liverpool and Arsenal. Although there isn't much difference between 3rd spot and 4th, I guess there's still some reputation and pride at stake.

Arsenal's draw at Fratton Park (0-0) shows that Liverpool and the Gunners with the same points. Liverpool is in 3rd spot with better 2 goal difference.

A match which lots of fans would be seeing Robbie Fowler playing the last at Anfield. We expects a goal or two from him. Unfortunately, in football, things may not just go the way you want it to be. Still, it's great to see Robbie giving his last farewell to his fans. He is a legend, no doubt. We will always remember you as GOD.

I didn't get to watch the match, but just the highlights. Based on reports and highlights, the encouraging thing to see and hear is the fact that Harry Kewell is back. He had a great game and played a part in both goals for Liverpool. His cross led to Xabi Alonso's goal and his penalty from the spot gave Liverpool a point and eventually 3rd place.

It's great to see him back on the field and I do think he looks pretty good in his new haircut. Of course, players like Kewell coming back into the team is always good news. It's just like signing a new player.

With one more big final coming up, I believe every player is geared up for this. They will putting extra energy and effort in training to impress Rafa as they all wants to be legends. Being heros and a part of Liverpool history is something which not every player can do. It would not be easy, for sure. Against the gigantic Milan will never be easy. However, it will not be impossible.

Come on Reds!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank You GOD

GOD. Robbie Fowler.

Sadly, his contract is not going to be extended at the end of the season. The Liverpool legend who came back to Anfield for the second time in his career, has been told by Rafa Benitez that he's not needed by the season ends.

Fowler has been named as GOD by the fans and this shows how much the fans love him. A player who can score with two feet and that's makes him so special. His finishing and shooting are one of the best. His glorious days are over, however, his second sting at Liverpool proves that he still loves the club.

I was quite disappointed when I saw him leaving us a few years back and I do thought that we have lost a gem in our attacks when he's not around. Robbie is a striker who can unlock defences with something special coming out from nowhere. He won a treble in 2001 under Gerald Houllier's reign and he played major part in those games.
There are still 2 more matches for him to play and I do hope to see him scoring for us and winning the Champions League in Athens. Come on Robbie!

Robbie Fowler will forever be remembered. At least at Anfield, we know there's always GOD supporting us.

Thank you Robbie Fowler.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

All The Best, Jerzy

The season is coming to an end and it's a routine to see players come and go. Sadly, in football, players just have to leave, Normally the main big reason is lacking of first team football.

With one more premiership game to go, Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has told the world that he's going to leave Liverpool at the end of the season as his contract will not be extended. Our Istanbul hero will always be remembered for his heroics saves during the match and also in the penalty shootout. Without any doubts, he has made his name into the Liverpool history.

Having said that, the reason why he's not the first choice goalkeeper is because he has made crucial mistakes over the years which is so frustrating for managers. Unfortunately, in football, whenever goalkeepers make mistakes and howlers, you will be remembered for that. I remember this phrase by ex-Liverpool boss, Gerald Houllier.
"A good goalkeeper is not about the number of saves he makes, it's the least mistakes he make."

Nevertheless, I do hope that Jerzy Dudek can play against Charlton for the final match of the season and can bid a good farewell to the fans.

Thank you Jerzy Dudek.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Lucas Leiva reports..

The 20-year old midfielder will join the Reds at the start of next season after Benitez beat a host of European clubs for his signature.
"The deal with the player and his club is almost done and I am really pleased he is coming to us," said Benitez.

Leiva, Lucas"He is the captain of the Brazil under-20 side and won the Golden Boot in his country last year so we know he has quality and we also believe he has the mentality and the character you need to do well in England.

"He can play as a holding midfielder but he can also get from box to box and so I am looking forward to seeing him score goals for Liverpool in the future.

"A lot of clubs in England and Spain were asking about him but our scouting department has again been working really hard and it's good that he's coming to us.

"He will arrive in the summer and then will start adapting to football in this country. We know it can take time but I think he has the quality to be putting pressure on Gerrard, Mascherano, Xabi and Sissoko next season."

He seems like a hot prospect for us. It's definitely good news for us to sign a young player who have played so many matches already.

A Brazilian wonderkid from Gremio. The current captain of the Brazilian u20 squad. Sounds exciting. It's good to see that Liverpool center midfield is so highly competitive. Stevie, Xabi, Momo and Mascherano. Now, there's one more. I'm looking forward to see this young kid play. Rafael will have a headache of who to play when everyone's fit, however, it's a good headache for him. This would definitely improve our squad depth.

We'll wait and see this young kid..

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Title Chase

Congratulations to Manchester United for clinching the Premiership title. With 2 more games to go, Manchester United was crowned the league champions when Chelsea drew Arsenal 1-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

I truly believe that Man Utd deserves the title and it's just matter of time that they would got it. They had a great start to the season which I truly believe made them the champions now. Sir Alex Ferguson is an experienced manager and no doubt, he used his experience well. Bringing out the best from his players and the ability to make sure the team grinding results consistently just shows how great this manager is.

The table clearly shows which team is the best and for this season, Manchester United is the one standing high on top from the rest and have beaten the streak of Chelsea's 2 championships in a row. They managed to win some games when they didn't play well and of course, Lady Luck's with them the whole season.

When they slipped, Chelsea slipped as well. However, when Chelsea fell, they didn't. That's the difference between the second place and the first. Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs are the main players who brought them glory this year. Of course, the partnership of Vidic and Ferdinard, and reliable Van Der Saar also has helped the team plenty in their defence. These players are probably playing their best football with youth and experience in the side. Ferguson is just so intelligent to make full use of this advantage.

The most important factor of Man Utd's title glory is still the man who guided all these players, applied the perfect tactics and able to outsmart his opponents. He's none other than Sir Alex Ferguson. I do look up to him as a manager. All these years, in spite of bumpers, he was strong enough to recover from it and showed the world that despite his age, he still meant business.

Despite the fact that I'm a Liverpool fan, I do salute you, Sir Alex Ferguson and once again, congrats on the title win.

Jose Mourinho. I truly thinks that Chelsea have only themselves to blame for losing the chase of the Premiership title. Given the chance to close up the gap from the top, they slipped. It's pretty frustrating to see Chelsea was given several opportunities throughout the season to cut down on Manchester United's lead and sadly, they failed.

Yes, they have many injuries throughout the season. Petr Cech, Joe Cole, John Terry. However, a big and expensive squad like Chelsea should have the players to cover and do the job for them. Of course, you may argue, these players are not easy to replaced. However, there were several occasions they could capitalise on Man Utd's slips which they didn't. They could only look at themselves and wonder.

Jose Mourinho is a good coach, no doubt. But, his arrogance and sore-loser spirit is getting into him. Loves to play mind games and gave so many excuses when his team lost. Blames the media, the FA , referee and everyone in the world, but not himself. He has a world class team and he's responsible for his team's results. When a team wins, credit will goes to the manager. When a team loses, the manager have to be the one blamed. That's football.

Chelsea is a great team with many world class players. They are all self-motivated and in terms of quality, they are one of the best in the world. Sadly, I feel that complacency and arrogance did creep into their players' mind and play. They still thought that they could win everything and at this very moment, they are only left with the FA Cup and a League Cup which they won earlier in the season.

Jose Mourinho, I do not hope to see you being sacked in the summer. I just hope that you would speak the right things at the right time.

*There will be more thoughts coming up..

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fulham 1 Liverpool 0

Team of the day..
Reina, Insua, Hyypia (captain), Paletta, Arbeloa, Gonzalez, Sissoko, Alonso, Pennant, Fowler, Bellamy.
Subs - Finnan, El Zhar, Padelli, Hobbs, Kewell

Match Goal..

A match which matters more to Fulham than us. Once again, Rafael made several changes to the side which both Gerrard and Carragher were not in the squad.

Alonso was in the side and for me, he's the man of the match for Liverpool. Worked doubly hard for the team and he was almost everywhere. He was the playmaker and during the game, he was being headbutt, unfortunately, the referee didn't see it and that b*****d Michael Brown went unpunished. I was feeling unjust for Xabi as such treatment were not allowed on the pitch.

Nevertheless, the team played pretty okay, however, we just didn't managed to score. Robbie Fowler had several clear cut chances and Fulham was able to score with just one chance. It's a great chance for the young players to perform and it's good to see them learning and adapting to the English game.

This defeat will not matter much for us. However, we must always try to win all the games even it does not have any much impact. We shall move on with our head high and there's one more game to go, before we head to the ATHENS.

What Rafa Got To Say..

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Liverpool vs Chelsea Post Match Comments

The match has already been played for almost a week, but all of us are still enjoying the win against the Blues and the fact that we are heading towards Athens. The victory was sweet and to see both Man Utd and Chelsea bowing out of the competition made it sweeter.

Chelsea was a hard team to beat, and for 90 minutes, we beaten them 1-0. They won't not able to score with the presence of Jamie Carragher and Daniel Agger who scored the only goal of the game. Oh man, didn't he struck the ball so beautifully that Petr Cech can't react fast enough to save it!

Our skipper, Steven Gerrard was superb. No doubt he's so wanting to lift the trophies with his arms again. He was great in the center of the park and was inspiring the team to hold onto the lead earlier in the game. His stamina and power are just unbelievable. Running non-stop throughout and was tackling any single ball he could see.

Dirk Kuyt's penalty gave us the victory and I truly believe that he deserved that penalty winner. His form came back and playing pretty well. He had a header off the bar, and scored a goal which is ruled offside, when it's onside. His determination and stamina were just extraordinary. He just didn't stop closing down on the players and worked extremely hard for the team. You could see that he was hungry to for success, wanting to go the Champions League final. Keep going Kuyt!

Of course, our victory was also because of this man, Pepe Reina. His saves in the penalty shootout were proven crucial as we won 4-1 on the night. During the 120 minutes, he was confident and made several important saves which kept us in the game. No doubt, he playing his best football now in his Liverpool career. He had proved one season ago in the FA Cup final that he's one of the best penalty stoppers. Again, he has shown the world that he's a penalty saver expert. His saves for Robben and Geremi's was good enough to bring Liverpool to the plane to Greece.

Our fans, as always, were the best on the night. Full voice, full support for the team and that gave so much lift and confidence to the players, no doubt about it. We have the best fans in the world. You can't find any fans like ours. It's just so unbelievable. They sang from the 1st minute all the way till the end. I really wonder how these guys do it, but still, they can do it. Without them, I don't think we can make it to the final.

Walk on..

You'll Never Walk Alone..


AIG ? Almost in Greece ..

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Liverpool Vs Chelsea Preview (2nd Leg)

The day has finally arrived. The match everyone is waiting for. The big clash of Liverpool against Chelsea at Anfield.

It's an important match for us and being 1-0 down after the first leg, I do think that Liverpool have an uphill task. It's going to be very difficult and against the mighty Chelsea, who have revenge back of their mind, they won't be making the same mistakes again.

We need our best performance of the season and every single player must stay focus. We MUST not make any silly mistakes and we have to score 2 goals clear in order to go to Athens. It can turn out to be 2 ways. An historic night or a night which we wants to forget.

Of course, with our 12th man behind us, somehow, I do feel we stands a chance. Even with a slim chance, I will have faith in us.

Come on Reds!

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Memories of Istanbul

Got this documentary from drogballs and it just brought back memories of 2005 glory. A nice video to hear the likes of lan Rush and several Liverpool fans who watched the match. Even our boss, Rafael Benitez spoken of his feelings in it.

We truly need this type of determination and grit against Chelsea back home and our special 12th man will never stop supporting us. Walk on..

In Istanbul, we won it 5 times..

You'll Never Walk Alone..