Thursday, November 29, 2007

With Rafa In Your Heart

For the benefit who didn't manage to get the match, here are the goals. Enjoy.

The following pictures below are all showing how the Red faithfuls are supporting the manager Rafael Benitez, telling the world especially to the owners that we do not want him to go.

With Rafa in your heart, in Rafa we trust.

2 Wins Down, 1 More To Go

Liverpool 4 Porto 1
Torres 19, 78, Gerrard 83, Crouch 87 - Lopez 48

This man above is the one who still gave Liverpool hope when they were not far from elimination from the UEFA Champions League last night. His 2 goals were vital and since he has joined the club, he was scoring goals. That's what Liverpool is lacking of over these years. A striker who can just score, score and score. He's none other than Fernando Torres.

Liverpool faced Porto in the second must-win game at Anfield in which the home side needs to win all 3 remaining games to qualify. They have now won 2, left a tricky away trip to France, facing Marseillie, with former players Bolo Zenden and Dyrbil Cisse.

Liverpool started the match well and managed to score a goal early in the game. Fernando Torres rose high and headed into the goal. He made it look so simple, feigning off his marker and a powerful header into the goal.

However, somehow Porto managed to get back into the game. Despite Liverpool dominating the possession, Porto managed to equalise with a stunning header, totally against the run of play.

Since then, Liverpool struggled to dictate the play which they did earlier in the game. Instead, Porto had controlled the game and almost got a second not because of poor finishing.

Porto's defence was stubborn and Liverpool just couldn't break it. At that moment, a draw would be good enough for Porto to qualify for the knockout while Liverpool would be saying goodbye to Champions League football for the rest of the season.

I was getting worried as time passed quickly. Liverpool didn't have any clear cut chances and we seriously needed a goal. I couldn't see it coming from anyone else but Fernando. And yes, he didn't disappoint me, or I should say us.

Supersub Harry Kewell did very well on the flank, brought down the ball. His pass to Torres was not the best, but managed to get past the legs of the defender and the Spanish striker was too quick for any Porto men to catch him. His goal burst opened Anfield. All the anxiety and worries were all released at that point you saw Torres' strike went across the line.

Once we got the goal, Porto seemed shattered. Liverpool was growing in confidence and the goals kept coming. A freekick from Stevie was handled by Porto defender Stepanov after pressurised by Sami Hyypia. A penalty was given and up step Captain Stevie again who didn't make any mistakes from the spot.

Liverpool seems to be hungrier as the game coming to an end. Peter Crouch added the 4th for Liverpool in the dying minutes. A corner by Stevie again was well timely headed by Crouch into the goal while Porto goalkeeper was helpless coming off his line. It's nice to see him scoring for the Reds again. Even though he seemed to be on his way out of Anfield, I still do like him. :)

2 wins down now, 1 more to go. Rafa knows what's expected of him and I'll be behind him till the end. Keep it going lads!

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do You Believe In Rafa?

I believe the whole footballing world knows about the rift between Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez and the American owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillet. It's a worrying sight for Liverpool fans especially those who loves the Rafaluation. I myself do not wants Rafa to go, so what says you?

The link below is a online petition for Rafa to stay on as Liverpool manager. For those who wishes to see him stay like myself, there's no harm giving it a try. :)

I'm not sure will this petition help, nevertheless, I'm going for it.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reds Meant Business In St James' Park

Newcastle 0 Liverpool 3
Gerrard 28, Kuyt 46, Babel 66

Match Goals

As the international break was over, it's time to be back for Premiership football. Many would have still be talking about England's disability to qualify for the Euros and Steve Mcclaren's sacking. Nevertheless, all I care is Liverpool getting the points in the league which was at St James Park last night.

Yes, they did. 3 points in the bag, a convincingly 3-0 win over Newcastle at their home. What else can I ask for? It's a great result at the right time for Liverpool as over the week, there are reports about the rift between Liverpool boss and the American owners. I do not know what really happened, but I do know that as long as Rafa maintain their unbeaten ways, I believe he would be fine.

Liverpool started brightly though the fact that Momo Sissoko was in the team. Harry Kewell and Lucas Levia also started. We spread the ball well and passing was neat. Sadly so, Captain Steven Gerrard was being booed by the fans in the stadium. It's definitely due to England's mishap during the week. It's normal for him to get some stick especially from these hostile fans, however, I do think it's unfair to Stevie.

Still, Stevie did his talking on the pitch. He was not affected by the constant boos and went on to scored a stunner. On the 28th minute, the away side got a freekick outside the penalty box. Up step Stevie, he didn't reserved any power from the lay off by Lucas to him. Top Corner. Gave Shay Given no chance.

Liverpool had several great chances, but they also missed them terribly. This time around, Torres was being the main culprit. He could have got a hat-trick but the fact that he didn't stop trying showed how determined this young man is. He hit the post at the end of first half was the closest he could score last night.

Liverpool managed to add another to their advantage right after the break. Steven Gerrard's corner was flicked by Big Sami onto Dirk Kuyt knee, rebounding into goal. It's lucky goal by the Dutchman and Liverpool was in a comfortable position with 2 goals up.

Newcastle was clueless in the whole game. I do wonder what happen to them at home. They left too much space in the middle of park, which ended up pressuring the defence.

Ryan Babel came on as Liverpool played on a counter-attacking football. The flying winger was quick, strong and determined to get forward whenever he's given the chance. He got his rewards then by scoring a nice 3rd goal for Liverpool. A 1-2 with Stevie gave Babel space to shoot straight into the bottom corner.

2 players who impressed me last night. Harry Kewell & Lucas Levia. Even though both of them didn't score, their hard work in the game for the team was not neglected. Harry had been injured for a long time and it's great to see him back. He's definitely one of those who can help Liverpool push further as long as he's fit. He needs several games more to gain back his match fitness, which I agreed with Rafa, he would be like a new signing.

Lucas Levia. The number 21 Brazilian was superb in the middle, protecting the back four last night. His tackling was precise and passing was not too bad. (Better than Momo's) At such a young age, he has turned out to be an exciting prospect for Liverpool. His intelligence on the pitch and the individual control can be seen clearly from last night's match, at least for me.

I do not know whether we played really well or it's Newcastle who made us look good. Even so, the important fact is that we got the points which we needed. Game set, next game, Porto. 2nd Final in the Champions League.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

English Stars' WAGs

Since it's international break, and the weekend has been pretty smooth for the Steve McClaren's England team with a 1-0 friendly win against Austria and Israel doing them a favor, beating the Russians 2-1, let's take a look at some of the England Stars' WAGs.

First of all, who do not know who this lady is?
David Beckham's lady, Victoria Beckham

England's Captain.
John Terry's lady, Toni Poole

England's Leftback
Ashley Cole's lady, Cheryl Tweedy

England's Forward
Wayne Rooney's lady, Coleen McLoughlin

England's Midfielder
Frank Lampard's lady, Elen Rives (She doesn't look really pleased.)

England's Midfielder
Joe Cole's lady, Carly Zucker

England's Future Striker
Theo Walcott's lady, Melanie Slade

England's and our very own Liverpool Striker
Peter Crouch's lady, Abigail Clancy

Last but not least,
England's Midfielder and Liverpool Captain,
Steven Gerrard, Alex Curran

Enough of drooling? Will the WAGs boost their performance against Croatia in the upcoming crucial qualifier? Or they are the ones who explains the problem of England today? We'll see. :)


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Substitute Torres Gave Reds 3 Points

Liverpool 2 Fulham 0
Torres 81, Gerrard pen 85

Match Goals

Home game against London side Fulham. Liverpool was expected to win this game easily, probably with 2 main factors. Liverpool was the home side and their last home game was a thrashing game where they scored 8. On the other hand, Liverpool's home form in the league has been poor. Too many draws instead of wins.

Last night's game was an example why they struggled at home so far this season in the opening 80 minutes. Away teams especially the smaller clubs would definitely park a huge bus in front of their goal, playing on a counter-attack tactic. You don't expect to see them coming to Anfield all out firing.

As usual, Fulham were playing deep in their own half and Liverpool was struggling to break down their defence. Voronin was the again the man of the moment. Running every channel of the field, working hard to break the Fulham's stubborn backline. Unfortunately, his efforts couldn't get Liverpool a goal.

He was then substituted by Fernando Torres, who was injured for quite some time these weeks. I'm glad this fellow came back. He was bought in the summer for 26 million to score goals, and last night, he didn't disappoint. A high ball pumped up by Pepe Reina was chested down beautifully by Torres and off he turned towards the goal. Brought on the defender and shot through his legs into the goal. Awesome! Finally, the gate was opened.

Liverpool was getting more space after Torres' goal as expected. Another supersub, Ryan Babel came on and sped towards the Fulham's defenders. Provided a great through ball to Peter Crouch who was clipped upon about to strike the ball. Replays shown that Peter was fouled just outside the area, however, it's too fast for the referee to see. Hence, he gave a penalty.

Up step Captain Stevie, who didn't make any mistakes from the spot. 2-0 to Liverpool. The game was over by then. Torres was the one who broke the duck, and got the 3 points for the Reds.

The win is what it matters. I'm not looking at the table just yet. Liverpool is still far away from the titans. They definitely need to improve. Be more clinical, attacks have to be penetrating. Defences to be strong, and accuracy passing. There are many rooms for Liverpool to work on and I believe Rafa Benitez knows it better than everyone.

International break, after then, we are heading down to St' James Park.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yes, It's 8 !

Liverpool 8 Besiktas 0
Crouch 19, 88 Benayoun 32, 52, 56 Gerrard 69 Babel 78, 81

Match Goals

The first match of the 3 do or break games for Liverpool in the Champions League went on a superb start last night. An important game for the Reds as they had to win all 3 games remaining to qualify into the knockout stages. Match against Besiktas at home was expected to be an easy game however, the Turkish beaten us at their home fortnightly ago. Many would have expect the Turkish players would give us a fight at Anfield.

Nevertheless, the power of Anfield proves too much for Besiktas to take. With Peter Crouch and Andriy Voronin leading the Reds' attack, we didn't take too long to score the first goal. On the 19th minute mark, Crouch had shown the fans why Rafa should have put him more in the first team. He scored the opening goal with a nice finish off a rebound of the goalkeeper.

Voronin was superb on the night. Running every inch of the field, finding space behind the defence and created so many goals. Yossi Benayoun added the second and Liverpool was leading 2-0 at half time.

At half time, I wouldn't have bet the team went on thrashing Besiktas. The goals just kept coming, it's those nights as though every shot towards goal was a goal. Yossi Benayoun got a hat-trick on the night. It's somehow unusual for a right winger to score 3 goals in a match. Although Yossi' goals were not glamour, still, he appeared at the right time and right place to slot home the goals.

The midfield worked really hard. Javier Mascherano was excellent the whole game, he didn't put a foot wrong. Captain Stevie was his usual self, bursting into defence on several occasions and he did get his reward with a goal of the night. With the team leading on by a big margin, Rafa substituted Gerrard on the 72th minute. It's good to let Stevie have some rest.

Ryan Babel, who came on in the game also got a couple. It's kind of funny to see him scoring 2 goals with his back heel and his back. He got the chance to play upfront with Crouch and he replied with goals. The first goal was a cheeky back heel which managed to go past Besiktas goalkeeper. His perseverance gave him his second. A poor clearance from the Turkish side defender deflected off Ryan's back and the ball amazingly went over the goalkeeper and into the goal.

It was 7-0 at 81st minute. I was hoping for the team to get the 8th so as to break the record which was Arsenal's 7-0 2 weeks ago. Peter Crouch got his second with a nice header at the end and it was 8 goals on the night. It was not the prettiest night of football, but it is a night of records and fans to remember. Able to score 8 goals in the Champions League is not something easy.

I do not believe that the Turkish side Beisktas made us look good. I could see from the Liverpool players that they knew how important the game was and the Champions League is. They have to keep believing it and make sure that this 8-0 score is to tell the rest of Europe that we aren't giving up just yet. The last 2 games won't be easy, we have to be our very best to win those games.

Come On Reds!

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Disappointing Draw At Edwood Park

Blackburn 0 Liverpool 0

Match Highlights

As expected, Liverpool didn't give me any kind of surprises. Against the hard-willed Blackburn side, we created chances and chances, but failed to convert them into goals. The current form of the team is very poor. Some of the players are still under performing and I really wonder when are they going to wake up. I'm afraid by then they play to their best, teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have already long ran to the top of the table.

Dirk Kuyt was the main and lone striker for last night's game. He was extremely disappointing. First touch was frustrating, missed chances as if the game was 120 minutes. Sometimes, Rafa Benitez tactics is confusing. Kuyt can't be played a lone striker. He's always overpowered by Blackburn's big physical presence. To be frank, I was cursing and swearing at Dirk, hoping to see him taken off though in my mind, I knew Rafa won't.

Fortunately, there were players who played pretty well. In my opinion, Carragher, Mascherano, Stevie, Benayoun were the ones looking to create or score for us. I couldn't see it coming from the rest. Even substitute, Harry Kewell came in and showed the fans why he's still wearing a Red shirt. Kewell is a winger whom I really likes. Bring on the defender, dribble down the flank, crossing in good balls. Of course, there were several occasions Harry lost the ball. Still, I believe he provided some flair and width to the team.

I can't help but to worry for Liverpool's season. Although they remain unbeaten in the league, they struggled to win points. In the league, they needed to be consistent. Drawing games would be seen as 2 points lost. They have to close the gap. Otherwise, like any other seasons, they have to settle for a place below again. All we fans can do now just to pray hard and keep supporting the team no matter what happens. Yes, it's demoralising, but as Liverpool fans, we'll never walk alone..

Crucial Champions League coming up. It's do or break time.

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Friday, November 2, 2007

Liverpool 2 Cardiff City 1

The match was not shown on tv over here in Singapore. It's great to see Robbie Fowler, the God back at Anfield.

Goals from Nabil El Zhar and Steven Gerrard brought Liverpool into the next round. It's nice to see some of the young lads playing and gaining first-team experience, giving them an opportunity to show to the fans how good they are.

Match Highlights..

Up next, Blackburn Rovers.

You'll Never Walk Alone..