Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pre-Season Friendly. Liverpool 0 Portsmouth 0


Penalty Shootout

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The New Stadium

Liverpool board has unveiled the plans of the new stadium.

Its seems so beautiful and manager and players are praising it. I'm looking forward to see the new stadium as well as Anfield. I still hoping to get to see Anfield before it's gone pretty soon.

I can't imagine 60,000 Liverpool fans can do. oh my!

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Pre-Season Friendly. Liverpool 3 South China 1

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Poll Results: What do you think of Fernando Torres?

Based on the poll, many of you think that Fernando Torres would be a great signing for us. Many believed that Torres is a big hit and will be doing well for Liverpool Football Club. 48 votes with a 86%.

However, there were also quite a number felt that Torres' deal is a costly one. Afraid that he might be the next Morienties for Liverpool. 27 million pounds is way too high for a player and it's a risk. 6 votes with 11%.

The rest had 1 vote each of Torres signing being a mistake and 1 vote for none of the above.

Thank you for your support. The next poll is coming up..

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Pre-Season Friendly. Liverpool 2 Auxerre 0

Liverpool secured the fourth win in their pre-season games with a 2-0 win against French side, Auxerre. Could see that the players were tired after all the games and it's a good work out for them. Captain Stevie and Agger were in the scorers.


Looking forward for the next game and the season is going to start really soon.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pre-Season Friendly. Liverpool 3 Werder Breman 2

2 goals from new signing Andriy Voronin and a thunderbolt from John Arne Riise secured a third game win for Liverpool so far in preparation of the new season. Defensive mistakes which allows Breman scoring 2 as well.

Andriy Voronin, a free transfer signing, has been proving to everyone that he's not coming to Liverpool to sit on the bench. As he says before, he's going to a fight for his place in the team. Impressive for the past few games for Liverpool and he scored 2 goals against a good German side last night.

I didn't watch the game, but based on the highlights, he looks really lively in the game and seems to be on the spotlight now. Many would have think that he was bought to provide backup to the team, the 4th striker perhaps? I'm afraid not, based on such performances. He's telling Rafa that he's going to give him a big headache despite the arrival of Fernando Torres.

Torres did pretty well coming on for Voronin. Had 2 great chances to score but didn't have the finishing touch. Still, it's a great to see him playing for us in a Liverpool shirt. He fought hard, and looking great on the pitch. It's still pre-season and it's normal to see players not performing to the best yet.

Pre-season games are just games for the players to step up their stamina and fitness. It's still very early to predict anything. Of course, winning these friendly games also shows that the team is working hard for the season and I hope this goes on for a great start.

Liverpool has to start really early and can't afford to lose any points even in the beginning. The standard of the league is getting higher every year. We don't have the luxury of making mistakes early and winning the league later. By the time, we are just like before, fighting for third place. Liverpool is not a 3rd place team, they ought to be up there fighting, winning more trophies.

I don't hope for more, but having said that, I do hope Rafa will us something we haven't experience for a long long time.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pre-Season Friendly. Liverpool 3 Crewe 0

Liverpool played last night, the second game of the pre-season setup with a 3-0 win over Crewe.
Many of the first team players had their first run-out including Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

The first goal. 1-0 Peltier

2-0 Crouch

3-0 Putterill

A win is always good. Still, pre-season friendlies are just warm-up games for the players and it's not right to judge on these performances. Hope to see the new signings playing soon.

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Ryan Babel & Yossi Benayoun

Yes! 2 more major signings into the squad of Liverpool Football Club. It's excellent news for everyone out there and it clearly shows our ambitions for the upcoming season.

Ryan Babel, once a Arsenal target, has signed on a fee of 11.5 million pounds with us and I'm glad to see him wearing the Liverpool shirt. He's only 20 with many many years ahead of him. Fast on the ball and reminds me of John Barnes in the older days. He can play left wing which Liverpool is very weak in.

Yossi Benayoun. Moved from London, West Ham. 5 million pounds and it's the replacement for the departure of Luis Garcia. Played very well in the FA Cup final two years back and Rafa has been following him for some time. He has quick feet and dribbling seems to be his trademark. Looking forward to see how he can fit into the team and there's no doubt that he can adapt in the English football.

2 huge signings along with record signing, Fernando Torres explains it all. We are not going to sit back. We are going to challenge every trophy as we can. I have faith in Rafa and the lads. There might be more signings on the way. Looking forward to the new season.

Rafa on New Boys.

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Torres In Training

A short clip on the players' training, mainly focus on our record signing, Fernando Torres.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Carra Quit England?

Liverpool vice-captain Jamie Carragher has been thinking about his England career and it might be the end pretty soon. As for me, I believe that Carra should really start considering his options and I guess it's time for him.

England didn't show him any respect and chances to prove himself on the international stage. Mainly being used the utility man. Centre back, right back, left back, defensive midfield. He played so well for Liverpool and yet he got such treatment from the England team. Whenever he plays, he never let the team down and I really wonder what make him out of it.

You may argue that the partnership of Rio and Terry is the first option. Still, when one of them is out, Carragher is not chosen, left out instead. I can sense his frustration and disappointment. I strongly believe that he should quit the international stage and concentrate on his club level. Just like what Paul Scholes did, he went on playing so well for Manchester United. If England don't appreciate, Liverpool will.


We are Scouses!

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Mas On Target Again!

Javier Mascherano scored the second consecutive game for Argentina in the Copa America against Peru with a 4-0 win. He was there to add the third for them. It's great seeing him scoring and playing well for Argentina. I do hope he can go on with this form and scores for us soon.

Way to go Mascherano!

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pre-Season Friendly. Liverpool 3 Wrexham 2

Liverpool started their pre-season games yesterday and it was against Wrexham. The match ended up 3-2 to us with Besian Idrizaj scoring 3 goals while Jermaine Pennant assists it all. A good start and it's a match where mostly the young was put into play.

This is also another video on the new signings in action during training. Check it out!

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Mas On International Duty

Our midfielder, Javier Mascherano has scored the solitary goal for Argentina against Paraguay in the Copa America.

What a shot! Simple and accurate. I'm looking forward to see him scoring for us pretty soon. Keep it up Mascherano.

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9. Fernando Torres

Finally, a big signing for us. Fernando Torres, 27 million move from Atletico Madrid. After so many days of excitement throughout the football news, it's finally confirmed.

A record signing for the club as the last one was 14 million. I guess it's time to break many records instead of keeping them. The 22 year old Spanish striker shows from over the years that he is one of the best strikers around. A first team member in the Spanish international team says it all.

Still, people are still afraid of him becoming another Fernando Morienties. He was unable to impress during his short spell in Liverpool. However, I beg to differ. Torres is still young and I believe they are 2 different strikers. Torres has great pace and technique which is suitable for the English League. Morienties was already in his 30s.

Every transfer is a risk and there's no transfer is assured a success. I believe Liverpool have to start taking more risks but of course, safer and sensible risks which will benefit the club.

I can't wait for our new No 9 to be playing in our Red shirt. Still, I guess we have to be patient. He may need some time to adapt. All we can do now is to be patient and see the good football next season.

Torres Press Conference

Torres Unveiled At Anfield

Rafa On Torres

Come on Torres!

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Thank You Luis Garcia

A tribute video for Luis Garcia.

What can I say? He's just simply awesome during his career there. We will definitely miss him. All the best, Luis.

Special thanks to redhalfofmerseyside for the great video.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Farewell Luis Garcia

The news of Luis Garcia leaving us is confirmed. He has moved to where he started, Atletico Madrid. His transfer has nothing to do with Torres big move though there were speculation of a part-exchange deal.

I'm sad to see him leaving us. Garcia is one of my favourite players and he has been scoring crucial goals for the team over the years. Many may feel that he's frustrating due to his high rate of losing possession. Still, it's no doubt that he's an important player for us. He is unlucky this season with an injury.

He is just one of the players who has a trick or two in his sleeves. Someone who can just create something out of nothing. He's always alert and tend to be at the right time and place to put the ball into the net. That's what I love about him. His celebrations of his thumb in his mouth is unforgettable.

Unfortunately, maybe due to his age, we had no choice but to let him go. He wants to go back to where he started to be and it's right for us to let him go. I'm sure that Rafa was reluctant to sell him. His contract is going to be expired and there's no more options for us as well.

Luis Garcia has been great for us. His goals were memorable and without doubt, he will be remembered by us. One of the key members in our Champions League triumph in 2005 and the FA Cup win in a year later.

Here are some videos of Luis Garcia..

Farewell Luis Garcia.
All the best for the rest of your career, we definitely will miss you.

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Torres? Confirmed?

It seems to me that the captain's band on Spanish striker Fernado Torres is going turning out to be true. Torres seems to be on his way to Anfield although there's no confirmation in the transfer.

Reports has shown that Torres is even willing to cut short his holiday to finalise his transfer to Anfield. As a Liverpool fan, I'm definitely excited by the fact of his arrival. Having said that, the delay did frustrate me and Liverpool has been pretty slow these few years in the transfer market. All I hope is a fast transfer and also other signings as fast as possible.

Torres alone won't be sufficient. The board and Rafa may have their own reasons for the slow response, still, I'm afraid that if we are not acting fast, our targets would be gone. I'm looking forward to other signings soon. :)

Other than Torres, Rafa has been busy with the signing of the young kids. All these players are bought mainly for the future and we might see many of them in few years time.

These are the names..
1. Mihail Alexandrov
2. Nikolai Mihailov
3. Dani Pacheco
4. Alex Kacaniklic
5. Marvin Purie
6. Mikel San Jose
7. Krisztian Nemeth
8. Andras Simon

There's one more month to the start of the new season and I really hope Rafa would use the time to expand and improve on the squad. I have faith in him and I'm pretty sure of he know what's he doing. As fans, we just have to be patient and see.

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UEFA Team Ranking 2007

This is the latest UEFA Team Ranking 2007. We are in third place! That's not that bad. 2 finals in 3 years is an achievement and I do hope this goes on.

1. AC Milan (ITA)

2. FC Barcelona (ESP)

3. Liverpool (ENG)

4. Internazionale (ITA)

5. Arsenal (ENG)

6. Real Madrid (ESP)

7. Chelsea (ENG)

8. Manchester United (ENG)

9. Valencia CF (ESP)

10. Olympique Lyon (FRA)

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